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Let Dr. Arlene Alexander Show You 
The Amazing Power of Creative Visualization

Guided Meditations to Unlock Your Imagination

If You Can “See” it, You Can Manifest It

Develop your power to visualize with creative visualization and you can create what you want in life. Dr. Alexander’s guided meditations use all the latest techniques of super-conscious symbols, experiential imagination and metaphysical imagery. Learn to form vivid images and manifest your desires!

creative visualization, face of man with eyes closed and circles of light.

Effortlessly Manifest Your Dreams with Creative Visualization

One of the most important elements of self-help programming for creating your ideal reality, is the ability to mentally create a visual image of your goal in your mind. Dr. Alexander has created this enjoyable and relaxing series of guided meditation MP3s that not only help you visualize, but also show you how to find your “calm center.”  It is by accessing this place of stillness within, that you have the power to create the life you dream of.

If you’ve never meditated before or done any work with metaphysical self-programming, these guided imagery downloads are a good place to start. They will also greatly increase the power and effectiveness of any other methods, techniques or self-help programs you currently use or plan to work with. If you already have some experience with meditation and higher awareness, these creative visualization audio MP3s provide you new insight and become powerful tools for your self-transformation. Each time you return to this inner world of peaceful contemplation you travel deeper within, relax. more fully, and experience more.

Experience the Healing Peace of Your Own Inner Mind

Come with us into a land where negative thoughts and worries are unknown.

Where is this land? It’s within you.

Ask Dr. Arlene Alexander. One of the founders of the Esteem Center in LA, has perfected a means of soothing creative visualization unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Total relaxation is easier to find than you might think.

Let Dr. Alexander’s narration and David & Steve Gordon’s serene mind music bring you peace. You can experience for yourself the inner calm, 
the vastness of your inner mind, the sudden burst of creativity within.

But first, let’s think more about what Dr. Alexander has accomplished.

As she puts it, “What I’ve tried to do is aid people in overcoming negative thought patterns. Once this happens, a wholeness with Nature and the universe suddenly comes alive. Most people are using only a fraction of their inner resources. Just a fraction!”

You’ll see what she means the minute you close your eyes and listen to one of her Creative Visualization downloads. It’s like taking a journey into your own being. You’ll feel the muscles in your neck and shoulders begin to relax. You’ll unfold your clinched fists and stretch your fingers. Suddenly, almost miraculously, you’ll feel whole again — ready to tackle the world.

What does Listening to a Creative Visualization
Feel Like?

In just a few days, you’ll…

  • discover how to easily hold visual images in your mind and “see” your ideal reality.
  • feel more relaxed, more energetic, more in tune with Nature than ever before
  • embark on an out-of-body experience where you are in complete control

Words fall short of describing the peace and tranquility these Creative Visualization downloads bring.

NO matter your lifestyle… no matter your sex or age… no matter the kind of pressure you feel or the problems you have – we promise and guarantee these scientifically on-target guided meditations will make you a happier and more productive person.

Come. Take a journey into the land of YOU. You’re going to be delighted with your new experiences.

Each Creative Visualization is an Awesome Personal Meditation Session with Arlene

Each Creative Visualization download album has two sessions with Dr. Arlene Alexander as she guides you to relax into a state of deep meditation. Using her own techniques she has developed over many years, she frees your own ability to visualize enabling you to fully experience the world of your own imagination.

With this ability you will be able to access the full power of your own inner mind for relaxation, to relieve stress and to travel beyond the limits of your physical body.

One of her listeners wrote…

“To me, it’s like a visit to a new country where there’s no such thing as worry. I feel like a kid again – when I could hardly wait for summer vacation. When I listen to these Creative Visualization audio downloads I picture myself walking barefoot in clover… feeling the warm morning sun on my back…sending that I am complete harmony with Nature.”

Creative Visualization is a Quick, Enjoyable &
Proven Way to Reach Your Goals

The latest research has shown that you can improve everything from mental and physical skills, the ability to relax, sports performance and productivity using visualization. Many counselors, psychologists, hospitals and clinics are finding the new science of creative visualization to be such a help – one long overdue.

  • At last there is an easy way to find serenity in minutes while activating the power of your inner mind to see and create success.
  • Whether you want to increase your income, buy a new house, have a more successful career, a better relationship or just be happier – creative visualization is the solution.
  • And it has the extra benefit of making all other transformational audio programs even more effective and powerful.

You’ll love how relaxing and pleasurable these guided meditations are.  Get started now by exploring the audio downloads below.

Creative Visualization Audio Products
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