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Subliminal Audio Illustration Of Rainbow Colored Arrows Coming Out Of The Center Of A Mans Head

The Surprising Impact of Positive Subliminal Messages

There is growing evidence that subliminal messages have a powerful impact on our lives. That’s right. They can change how we think about ourselves… they can change how we interact with others. In short, they can change how we understand and experience the world. The implications of these finding are profound — far too profound to simply ignore. But what are subliminal messages? It is…

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Create Your Ideal Reality with Higher Consciousness

EXCLUSIVE LIGHT OF MIND INTERVIEW WITH "SETH" In this fascinating interview, the well-known non-physical teacher Seth offers us an enlightening cosmic perspective of higher consciousness. Seth explains how we create our reality through our deep internal belief systems and how we can use higher consciousness to identify, influence and change those belief systems. Speaking through Jean Loomis, the founder of the…

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