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Manifesting Abundance Overflowing Flowers And Fruit

15 Secrets to Manifesting Abundance in Your Daily Life

Manifesting abundance. You've probably seen that phrase popping up in articles, books, and videos these days. It's has become a hot topic of conversation, along with the law of attraction. Maybe you've just skimmed on by when you've seen these phrases. Or maybe they made you stop and think. And wonder: Just how can you manifest your desires to build the…

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Personal Growth. Silhouette Of A Man With Sun Behind Him With His Arms Out Stretched With Positive Massages All Around Him In A Circle

What’s So Great about the New Generation of Self Help Audio?

How about - for starters - wealth and success, a beautiful healthy body and spiritual enlightenment? Can listening self help and personal growth audio "magically" change your reality?  Why is there so much interest in self-help now? What about self-help audio downloads - do they make a difference? It's a spiritual quest to activly engage in personal growth. It takes time, energy,…

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Subliminal Audio Illustration Of Rainbow Colored Arrows Coming Out Of The Center Of A Mans Head

The Surprising Impact of Positive Subliminal Messages

There is growing evidence that subliminal messages have a powerful impact on our lives. That’s right. They can change how we think about ourselves… they can change how we interact with others. In short, they can change how we understand and experience the world. The implications of these finding are profound — far too profound to simply ignore. But what are subliminal messages? It is…

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7 Benefits of meditation: The science of how it helps you

You may have heard about the many benefits of meditation Meditating may bring to mind Tibetan monks in a mountainside monastery. But they are not alone. Millions of people worldwide meditate every day. Today, meditative practices belong to no single religion or region of the world. Meditation is part of people’s lives everywhere, across all cultures. Yet, it’s often misunderstood.…

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