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General Product Questions

General Product Questions

How are your products different than others I have seen?

Light of Mind has been known for groundbreaking transformational audio since 1985. We were one of the first companies to research and develop personal growth audio. Over the past 30 years, we have set the standard for the highest quality self-transformation audio and our advanced products have changed many thousands of people’s lives.

Our founders David & Steve Gordon are award-winning recording artists with over 2 million albums sold. They have used their mastery of sound design to create cutting-edge brain/mind audio that uses top production values to enhance the audio-experience beyond anything else you have heard. The music and nature sounds on Light of Mind audio are all from internationally released albums of relaxation music, several of which have charted in Billboard and won awards. We never use sound library music or
music-for-hire for our products.

The personal growth techniques used on Light of Mind audio are all developed by our team of mind power experts – human potential therapists, certified hypnotists, researchers, sound designers and meditation designers.  Together they have created the finest catalog of self-change audio available anywhere. They draw upon their combined years of experience in human potential to create the most advanced series of transformational audio there is. In addition to being among the first pioneers in self-transformation audio, we also continue to bring our dedicated customers the very latest in brain/mind research. Our ground-breaking products have been seen in magazines such as Science Digest, Psychology Today, Discover and many others.

In addition to self-growth audio product types you may be familiar with, we also offer product lines that are exclusive to the Light of Mind website and feature amazing new concepts such as The Transcendence Experience and Reflective Self-Hypnosis Alpha level listen-anytime awake/sleep audio. Our subliminal technology such as the Subliminal Threshold Affirmations series are created using unique technology not used anywhere else, developed by our sound designers to be more effective and powerful. With over 30 years of product history, national media attention and over 750,000 customers, you can trust Light of Mind to bring you the most advanced, proven and highest quality products to enable you to “create your ideal reality.”

Where can I see who the narrator is on each album?

On each product page, the author name is displayed below the title of the product type, just below the main title of the product.

How to Use the Albums

How often should I listen to each audio download? Once per day or week?

For the best results, listen at least once every day for the first week.

You can listen more than once per day, but it is more important that you reinforce the programming every day than to listen more than in one day. After the first week you can start to reduce to every other day, every few days, once per week and then only once in a while to maintain your success.

Everyone will respond a little differently so let your listening frequency adjust to how what kind of results you are getting. If you are getting quick results you can start to listen a little less often and if the results are coming more slowly then listen more often until you see the changes you are looking for.

Can I listen to multiple albums?

Yes, you can listen to more than one album per day or per week. It’s up to your own personality and how listening to the downloads works for you personally. If you find that you can absorb the concepts and ideas in each product quickly and you find yourself able to focus on more than one that’s fine.

Monitor how you are feeling as your work with the downloads and how you are reacting. If it feels productive to listen to more than one then it probably is. But if you feel distracted or find you are not able to focus on the subjects you are listening to you may prefer to focus on fewer programs per day and alternate topics between different days instead.

Can I listen to a combination of different product types?

Yes, you can listen to as many different product types at a time or during a certain period as you wish. Using more than one product type can increase the effectiveness of the self-empowerment programming because the various techniques connect with your subconscious in different ways. For example, if you listen to a Reflective Self-Hypnosis album you are spending some time every day focusing on the area of improvement you have chosen. If you also listen to a couple  of Subliminal Threshold Affirmations albums in addition, you can reinforce your improvement while you are going about your usual activities.

Each product type engages different parts of your inner mind. When you combine them, you give yourself greater opportunities for powerful improvement and faster results.

How long does it usually take to see results?

No matter which Light of Mind product you use, you will enjoy immediate benefits right away, within the first few days. Then, as you listen more each week, you will make the results stronger and more permanent.

The best way to use the transformational audio is to listen at least once per day for the first week so you can start to see improvement and changes in yourself. Each day as you listen more you will be reinforcing the positive programming so that your subconscious mind starts to accept them as being true on a deep level. When that starts to happen, your inner beliefs begin to transform and the changes to your thoughts and actions start to become part of your normal process.

You may find that a couple weeks is all you need to enjoy lasting benefits and changes. But to transform a behavior or attitude that has been a part of your personality for years, it could take longer. If this is the case then you may need to work with the audio sessions for a month or more before you see the results you are looking for and they become permanent.

It’s a good idea to return to listening to the downloads once in a while after that as a way of making sure you do not slip back into old behaviors. This makes the new patterns and beliefs you have established stay stronger than your previous unwanted ones.

Are the results I receive permanent?

Yes, research has shown that the results you obtain through techniques like self-hypnosis, affirmations and meditation can be permanent! It is your own inner power that makes the changes. When you listen to the self-empowerment audio programs enough for them to work for you, the changes can last forever.

Sometimes it can be hard for people to accept that their problems can be solved because they have struggled for a long time. But Light of Mind transformational audio works by helping you get to the root cause and replacing old limiting beliefs with new positive ones. When this is done, there is no limit to the powerful changes you can experience!

Is it OK to fall asleep while listening?

No matter which Light of Mind product type you are listening to, if you fall asleep it is OK. Your mind is very open and impressionable as you are falling asleep. This means that whatever audio you are listening to at that time will go directly to your subconscious mind. Then once you are asleep, there is part of your subconscious that is still able to take in the positive programming in the audio.

Some of the products are actually designed to listen either while awake or asleep and for those you can get even more benefit by adding some listening time while you are asleep. But if you are finding that you are regularly falling asleep during all the products not just the ones that are designed for sleep, then try sitting up when listening instead of laying down. This way you can get the benefits of listening while consciously taking in the programming as well.

Risk-Free Lifetime Guarantee

How long is your Guarantee?

We offer a risk-free no-time-limit guarantee so you can have as much time as you need to use our products and see results. We believe in our products and their potential to assist you in attaining your life goals. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Even though we offer a lifetime guarantee, we have an extremely low rate of returns because of the high quality and solid results our products provide.

Can I exchange a product instead of returning it for a refund?

Yes, you are welcome to exchange any product for any other of equal price. Or if you exchange a product for a less expensive one, we will refund you the difference. If you want to exchange for a more expensive one then we can bill you for the difference.

How do I return a product for a refund?

If you are not satisfied and decide you want to return your purchase, just email us using our contact us page and we will give you a prompt refund or exchange with no questions asked.

Do I need to state a reason for my return?

No, you don’t need to tell us anything, unless you would like to. We are here to help people with our products and if you are not seeing the results you want, then we would like to refund your purchase for you.

Technical Questions

How many tracks are on each album?

Each Light of Mind self-empowerment audio album contains different numbers of tracks. To see the number of tracks on each album, go to the product page for the album and scroll down to the section “What Programs are Included in This Download.” Look under that heading and you will see a list of all the tracks on the album.

What are the length of the tracks and the total album lengths?

Each download contains different lengths of tracks. To see the lengths of the tracks on each album go to the product page for the album and scroll down to the section “What Programs are Included in This Download.” Look under that heading and you will see a list of all the tracks on the album. In the right hand column, the length of each track is displayed and under that you can see the total album length.

Do I need headphones or ear buds or can I listen with speakers?

You can listen to any Light of Mind audio download with either speakers or headphones/ear-buds.

But with certain series of products there are additional benefits from listening with headphones even thought they are not required. For example, the Transcendence Experience series contains different affirmations in each ear, so if you listen to those on headphones this effect will be even more potent.

Can I burn your audio downloads onto CDs?

Yes, you can create CD versions of our mp3 downloads is you like. Use your media player to burn the mp3s onto a blank CD just as you would with any other types of mp3s such as music.

Will your products work if English is not my native language?

All Light of Mind audio products are available in English only. So in order to receive benefits from listening you need to have a basic conversational level of English ability to use them. If you are not sure if you understand English well enough to receive benefits, you can place an order and try listening to one to see if it works for you. If not, we have a no questions asked lifetime guarantee, so you can get a full refund at any time you are not completely satisfied.

Can I listen to the audios on my Phone, iPod or MP3 player?

Yes, you can listen to Light of Mind mp3 downloads on your phone, iPod or mp3 player. Go to our downloads help page to find out how.

Safety Questions

Which of your products are safe to listen to while driving?

You can listen to any of our audio products while driving except for the following:

Will any of your products clash with my religious or spiritual beliefs?

None of the products on the Light of Mind website include religious language or are created to alter or change your religious beliefs at all. They do not require you to change your religious or spiritual beliefs. The products on our website are designed to assist you to do more of what you want to do, to be free of limiting thoughts and experience life in the way you would like to. This means they can empower you no matter what your spiritual path is.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is a completely natural and safe way to relax deeply and access your subconscious mind to transform things that are holding you back, create a positive attitude, become more successful and even improve your physical health.

Hypnosis has been used in many forms since the start of recorded history. Trance states were used by ancient peoples for healing as well. The wonderful power of hypnosis has been proven in numerous research papers and there continues to be more new evidence of the positive effects of hypnosis every year.

For more about our hypnosis products, see the section below Questions about Hypnosis.

Are subliminal audio products safe to use?

Yes, listening to subliminal audio is 100% safe for everyone. There are no side-effects at all and all you will experience is the results you are seeking.

All the subliminal messages are completely positive and designed to make you feel good about yourself and become a more empowered successful person.

For more about our subliminal products see the section below: Questions about Subliminals.

Ordering and Website Questions

I have lost my download links, what should I do?

When you placed your order, we sent you an email order confirmation with your download links.  Check your spam folder if you can’t find that email.

If you can’t find that email, then use our contact us email form to tell us your name and the approximate date of your order.  We will email you new download links.

What credit cards and methods of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club and American Express.  You can also order using PayPal.

Can I order with a check/money order by mail?

No, we can only accept payments by credit card or PayPal.

The Light of Mind website products are downloads only. In order for you to download your purchases you need to order them using the Light of Mind website with your credit cards, or PayPal.

If you are unsure how to order using your credit cards or PayPal, please review the other questions in this section. If you need further assistance with ordering, please email us using the form on our contact us page.

Do you offer your products on CDs?

No, the products on the Light of Mind website are available only as MP3 downloads.  But if you want to use your CD player to listen to our products, you can burn the MP3 files to a blank CD using your computer, in the same way you would with any other audio files, such as music albums.

We do not currently have plans to make our downloads available on CD. But if that changes in the future, we will announce the new products in our email newsletter. To receive these announcements, plus get 2 free Relaxation Music albums now, click here to subscribe.

Can I trust ordering from you?

Light of Mind has been in business since 1985 and has sold over 3 million self-empowerment albums.  All purchase are covered by our lifetime extended length guarantee.  You can exchange or return any purchase for a full immediate no questions asked refund. Our business has thrived for over 30 years by making products that provide real results.  We want you to be happy with your purchases and if you are not we do not want to keep your money.  Our customer service is world class and all refunds are processes promptly.

Do you have a catalog?

In order to have as little impact on the environment as possible we do not have a printed catalog.

Are the downloads MP3 files?

Yes, all downloads are MP3 files that you can play on any PC or Mac or any PC or Mac compatible MP3 player or mobile phone.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We will have an affiliate program very soon.  For now, if you are interested in our affiliate program, use the form on our contact us page.

I have more questions, who do I ask?

If you have read all the FAQ and still have questions, you can email us at or use our contact us form.

Do you make personalized downloads?

We do not make any personalized downloads at this time.  To make sure you know if we ever start to offer them, sign up for our monthly email newsletter.

You have so many products, how can I know what to order?

The best place to start is on our All Topics Page.  This page groups all the Light of Mind products into topic categories.

Look through these categories and decide on one area of self-change you would like to start with, the one that is most urgent or important for you.  Click on that category and look at the albums available in that category.

Choose one or more albums in that category you would like to order first.

Then you can repeat this process to find one or two more categories you would like to explore.  Your first order can have just a few albums or many, it all depends on your preference.

Don’t worry about ordering the wrong thing.  If you ever want to exchange any product for another you can email us.

Can I listen to a sample before I buy?

At this time, the Relaxation Music albums are the only ones that have sound samples.

For all the other products, we do not have sound samples on the website.  But with over 3 million sold, you can be very sure the chances are high that you will enjoy our products.  If for some reason you don’t you can contact us and we can exchange your product for a different one or give you a refund.

I am not in the USA, can I still order from you?

You can order from any country as long as you have a Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  All orders are charged in US dollars.

Why was my credit card declined?

We are sorry but it’s not possible for us to know why you card may have been declined.  Here are some possible reasons you payment might have been declined:

  • You may not have enough available funds on your card to cover the total of your purchase.
  • Your card issuer may be unsure of your identity.
  • Your card may be expired and you have not activated your replacement card yet.
  • Your card may have been reported as lost or stolen and been cancelled by your issuer.
  • There could be a problem with your card’s authorization process.

If you are confident none of these reasons apply to you then you can retry your order.  If the problem happens again then contact the issuer of your credit card to find out more.  Usually the 800 number of the card issuer is on the back of the credit card.

You are also welcome to order using PayPal directly from our checkout page.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, we have a newsletter with useful articles, special offers and free downloads.  Sign up for our newsletter now to start receiving our emails.  You can cancel at any time and we never share your email address with anyone.

How do I make sure I am getting your emails?

After you sign up for our emails, it is possible they may never reach your inbox because of your spam filters.  You can look in your spam or junk folder for any missing emails.

To make sure you always receive emails from Light of Mind add our email address to your address book:

Do you share my personal information with anyone when I order?

We never share any personal information like email addresses or anything else with anyone.  The only company you will receive emails from is Light of Mind and we will only send emails to you if you sign up for our newsletter.  We value you as a customer and respect your privacy – Learn more about our privacy policy.

What is the Light of Mind privacy policy?

Your Privacy is Assured. Light of Mind is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. We will never share your personal information with anyone for any reason without your explicit permission. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Is my credit card information secure when I use it to order on the Light of Mind website?

All credit card transactions on the Light of Mind website are processed through the Braintree Payment Gateway. They manage the complex routing of secure information through the credit card and electronic check processing networks. The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing.

Our RapidSSL Certificate provides trusted third-party domain name identity verification, enables secure online transactions and protects sensitive information during transmission using 128/256-bit encryption.


Do you charge sales tax?

There are no sales tax charges for downloads purchased on the Light of Mind website.

What is the CVV2 credit card verification number?

With MasterCard and Visa, it is the last three digits printed on the signature panel on the back of your credit card. For American Express, it is the four digits printed (not embossed) above and to the right of your account number on the front of the card. The verification number is a security measure to help protect your credit card information.

How long has Light of Mind been in business?

Light of Mind was started in 1985 by co-founders David & Steve Gordon. We have offices in Cardiff, California and Sebastopol, California.

Can I place orders by phone?

You can place orders 24 hours a day by calling:


When calling from outside the US, use this number:


Can I order by fax?

You can fax orders to:

800-488-8710 (USA only)


How can I cancel or change an order?

To cancel or change your order, email us using our contact us page.

Questions about Subliminals

What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are words, phrases and affirmations that the subconscious mind can detect but the conscious mind is unaware of.

Since the first use of subliminal messages in advertising in the 1950’s the science of subliminal messages have continued to grow.  It has been used to prevent shoplifting and continues to be used in both audio advertising and print advertising.

Because of the power of subliminal messaging to reach the subconscious mind, it also has been developed for self-improvement audio.  It’s power for positive self-change has been thoroughly researched and proven to work.

Light of Mind was among  the first to research and create self-transformation audio using subliminal messages back in 1985 and we continue to be at the forefront of this exciting method of self-change.

How do subliminals work for self-improvement?

If you imagine that your mind is like an iceberg, the small amount of the iceberg that you can see above the surface of the water is your conscious mind.  The majority of the iceberg is under the water and can’t be seen. This is your subconscious mind.

Since childhood we have developed a system of beliefs that are buried in our subconscious minds.  We are often not aware of them because like the iceberg, our subconscious mind is hidden below the surface.

Subliminal audio floods the subconscious with positive beliefs that re-program old unwanted beliefs with new positive beliefs.

All you consciously hear is music or nature sounds, but your subconscious “hears” the positive affirmations and acts on them.

As your old negative beliefs are replaced with new self-empowering ones, your life transforms and you become the successful person you really want to be.

How do I use your subliminal downloads?

The great thing about subliminal audio is that you can listen anytime during any activity.  That means that unlike hypnosis where you need to put aside time for sitting down and doing a hypnosis session, instead you can let the subliminal audio play while you work, drive, exercise, relax, do chores around the house, study or whatever you choose.  You can listen to them at bedtime and let them play while you sleep which is yet another way of conditioning your subconscious with positive affirmations.

You can listen to more than one subject at a time if you like.  For example you can download a variety of programs, one for weight loss, for concentration and another for memory improvement or self-esteem.  Then you can listen to the tracks from all the different albums you have downloaded every day or a few times a week.

The more you listen, the better they work because your subconscious hears more positive affirmations.  At first the affirmations work to change your unwanted beliefs and then they work to reinforce your new positive beliefs.

What tracks do the subliminal download products contain? What will I hear?

There are six powerful tracks on every Subliminal Threshold Affirmations album.

Five of the tracks have a different music style you can use depending on your mood.  These tracks are for background listening. At the start of each track, you will hear the subliminal affirmations on that track spoken audibly.  Then for the rest of the track all you will hear is mind music which contains the same affirmations but your conscious mind will not hear them, you will only hear the music.

Plus there is a sixth bonus track with Alpha Relaxation Programming – a relaxing guided meditation that also contains the same Subliminal Threshold Affirmations as the other five tracks for additional reinforcement of the positive messages.

How long does it take to see results with subliminals?

You will begin to see results during the first few times you listen to them.

But to really experience the life-changing power of these recordings, it’s best to give them at least 2-3 weeks.  After that you can continue occasionally to reinforce and maintain your self-improvement.

What will I feel as I listen to them?

The subliminal content does not create any particular feelings, though you will experience a variety of pleasant moods from the different types of Relaxation Music on the tracks. When listening to the Alpha Relaxation Guided Mediation tracks you will experience a soothing state of deep relaxation.

Is it possible to listen to them too much?

There is no danger in listening to them, no matter how much you listen.

Keep in mind that while you can listen to them as much as you want, as long as you listen to each album at least once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks they will start to be effective.

If you want to listen to them more than that it will provide additional reinforcement but is not necessary.

Can I listen while I sleep?

Yes, listening at bedtime is an another effective way to condition your subconscious mind with the positive messages on the recordings.   The music on the programs is relaxing and works well at bedtime.

As you drift off to sleep, the subliminal messages permeate your subconscious mind deeply for maximum positive effect.

How are your subliminals different from others?

Light of Mind has pioneered the use of subliminal audio for self-improvement starting in 1985.  Our products and research has been featured in magazines such as Psychology Today, Science Digest and Popular Science.

The methods used on our Subliminal Threshold Affirmations series are the results of 30 years of discovery, refinement and improvements. Our subliminals are light-years beyond the basic concept of subliminal audio because we use exclusive techniques that do not simply mask the positive messages. Instead we used computer-aided audio methods developed by David & Steve Gordon to fuse the affirmations with the music so only your subconscious can hear them and create the positive results.

  1. Advanced computer controlled subliminal message embedding keeps the sound level of the positive affirmations at the most optimal volume, just below your hearing threshold. This means that unlike other subliminal audio products, the level of the positive affirmations on Light of Mind subliminals gets louder or quieter along with the music. So the positive affirmations are always just below your hearing threshold no matter what the dynamics of each minute of the music – the positive affirmations follow precisely as loud as possible while still being just low enough not to be head by your conscious mind.
  1. Through an exclusive process, Light of Mind researchers “embed” positive affirmations such as “I am confident” within music or nature sounds. Unlike subliminal audio from other companies who simply make the volume level of the positive affirmations slightly lower than the level of the music, Light of Mind uses a breakthrough technique known as “vocal coding,” that allows the positive affirmations to actually become part of the music. This enables the conscious mind to receive the positive affirmations in a much more powerful way.
  1. Our research has found that when people hear the text of the subliminal messages that follow, the positive effects are greatly enhanced. This is because your conscious mind can then join with your subconscious in reprogramming your unwanted beliefs. By hearing the content of the subliminal messages in addition to those same positive messages subliminally encoded into the music you double the power of the messages.  Also, by hearing the text of the subliminal messages, you stay in total control. For this reason every Subliminal Threshold Affirmation track starts with an audible introduction that contains the text of the subliminal messages on the recording.
  1. Soothing Relaxation Music on each track is specially designed by David & Steve Gordon based on body/mind/spirit synergy. This special relaxation music creates a peak of listener receptivity exclusive to Light of Mind.
  1. The bonus track with Alpha Relaxation Programming allows you to enter a guided meditation where you can reach a deep meditative state where the same positive affirmations are heard again both audibly and subliminally. No other subliminal audio has anything remotely like this.

How long is each subliminal album download?

Each Subliminal Threshold Affirmations album has 5 tracks with different musical styles plus a bonus track with a guided meditation.  The average length of each album is one hour and 15 minutes.

Can I read the text of the subliminal affirmations on each download?

The complete text of the subliminal affirmations on each album are at the bottom of the product pages of each album on the Light of Mind website.

What is your position on the use of “negative” words in affirmations?

What our team has found from our extensive research and many years of positive results is that negative words can be used in affirmations as long as long as the context is positive.

Your subconscious is very intelligent and understands not just the meaning of individual words but the meaning of entire sentences.  As long as the meaning of the sentence and the context of that sentence with the other sentences it is combined with is positive, then your subconscious will hear the positive meaning.  As you listen over time, these new positive messages will replace your negative beliefs that are holding you back.

We have also found that using some negative words is more effective that avoiding them because by acknowledging what needs to change and how you will be different from now on, your subconscious believes the affirmation more.

If I burn a subliminal album to a CD does it still have the subliminals?

Yes, the audio files will still contain the subliminals if you burn them to a CD.

Will this actually work for me?

If you listen regularly for 2 to 3 weeks at different times during the day and evening, you will start to see the results you are looking for.  Light of Mind has been helping people reach their goals with subliminal audio since 1985.  If at any time, for some reason you feel they are not working for you we are happy to refund your purchase with no questions asked.

How are subliminal downloads different from hypnosis?

Both subliminal conditioning and hypnosis work by accessing the power of your subconscious mind.  The difference is that with hypnosis you need to listen with your eyes closed and focus directly on the recording.  With subliminal audio you can listen while you go about your usual activities.  You will only hear the sound of music or nature sounds without any narration other than at the start of the track where you hear the affirmations one time.

You can listen to the tracks as you would use background music, while working, relaxing, driving, going to sleep or any way you wish.  You don’t have to pay attention to them at all – the powerful positive affirmations embedded in the music are penetrating your subconscious mind and creating the changes you want.

Questions about Hypnosis

Can I wake up from hypnosis if I need to?

Hypnosis is nothing more than deep relaxation.  You can easily open your eyes and end the session at any time you wish.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis and not be able to wake up?

It is not possible to get stuck in hypnosis!  While you are listening, you can decide to end your session by simply opening your eyes and stretching your arms and legs a little.  Hypnosis is similar to daydreaming.  Your eyes are closed and you are using your imagination, but you can decide to stop at any time.

What if I am a person who can’t be hypnotized?

There is a myth out there that are some people who are super sensitive to being hypnotized and others who are un-hypnotizable.  The truth is that hypnosis is just a form of deep relaxation where you are being guided into a relaxed receptive state so that you can access the power of your subconscious mind.

Anyone is capable of learning to relax and so anyone can become hypnotized.  Everyone enters mild hypnosis at different times during the day – while reading an engrossing book, listening to certain music or watching a compelling TV show.  The difference with hypnosis is that you use being in this relaxed but attentive state to change unwanted inner beliefs into new more positive ones.

Where should I listen to my Reflective Self-Hypnosis downloads?

The Reflective Self-Hypnosis series have two different kind of sessions – Theta Level and Alpha Level.

The Theta Level tracks are designed for you to listen where you won’t be disturbed and you can relax comfortably with your eyes closed.  A big comfy chair or lying down in bed are both ideal. Do not drive while listening to Theta Level tracks.  You can also listen when you go to bed and fall asleep while you listen.

The Alpha Level tracks are a new type of hypnosis that allows you to listen while only lightly relaxed while doing your usual activities during the day or night.  You can also listen at bedtime as you fall asleep.  Even though you are only lightly relaxed when listening to Alpha Level tracks, do not ever drive while listening to Alpha Level tracks.

How often should I listen to them?

This varies with each person.  If you listen once and then only listen once in a while after that and achieve your goals of self-change that way then you don’t need to listen more.

But for most people we find it is best to listen once person until you see the changes you are looking for.  After that listen about once a week to maintain your improvement if needed.

Some people keep listening after they achieve their goals because they enjoy the relaxation and the sound of our hypnotherapist’s voices.

Is it OK if I fall asleep?

You do need to be awake while listening so if you find you keep falling asleep while listening to the sessions, then try sitting up in a chair instead of lying down.

But if you are getting the amount of listening you need it can enhance their effectiveness if you schedule some additional listening at bedtime as you fall asleep.  The subconscious mind is very receptive during the process of falling asleep, so if you listen at the time the positive suggestions and affirmations will penetrate deeply into your mind for the maximum results.  Listening at bedtime is not required but if you enjoy listening then as an extra session, it can increase their effectiveness.

Will the positive changes last?

Self-hypnosis is a type of learning, so just like when you learn new skills, the changes and new behaviors you learn stay with you.

Not only that, when you improve in one area other parts of your life can improve as well because you get new insights and understanding.

Most of the negative beliefs and behaviors people have were created from one or two experiences in the past.  Usually all it takes is focusing on new positive beliefs while in a receptive state of self-hypnosis to shift these negative beliefs to positive ones.

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