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David & Steve Gordon’s
Digital Clarity Nature Sounds

Relaxation • Sleep • Meditation • Noise Masking

Bring the Serenity of Nature
Into Your Life

Whether you need to relax during the day, want to focus better for work or study, meditate with less effort, mask city sounds or need some extra help falling asleep at bedtime, these nature sounds downloads will work for you.

natue sounds. waterfall with tropical trees in hawaii

Access the Relaxing Power of Nature Anywhere

No matter where you live you can become instantly transported to pristine locations in nature anytime when you listen to these relaxing downloads. As soon as you hear these soothing nature sounds, something shifts in your body and mind; you immediately feel less tense, your perspective changes and you are able to stay much more relaxed no matter what you are doing. There is something in the sounds of nature that connects with us on a deep level and allows us to stay more in tune with life.

David & Steve Gordon’s Pioneering Work in Field Recordings

In their early days as musicians David & Steve Gordon lived in Los Angeles and worked as sought after session players in the studio scene there. They would spend countless hours in recording studios and often worked late into the night. The combination of the long hours and irregular sleep schedules were starting to take their toll.

Steve started to have insomnia and David had some panic attacks. They decided to take a break and headed up to the Sequoia National Forest or out to the nearby desert. As they were meditating by a stream, they noticed how much easier it was to meditate there. They were not experiencing the usual struggle to clear their minds of thought.

They realized that the sounds of the bubbling stream, singing birds and breeze blowing through the pines were not just inspiring, they were deeply relaxing and soothing in a powerful way. Not only did they find that their stress-related symptoms of insomnia and panic attacks disappear while on the trip, they noticed they felt much better for weeks.

Nature Sounds are the “Antidote” to an Overly Busy Schedule

The Serenity Secret in the Forest

They decided to return to the forest and record these healing nature sounds so that they could listen to them back in Los Angeles. By listening to these nature recordings at home they were able to completely eliminate the insomnia and anxiety.

Over the next few years they developed a method of using their skills as studio engineers to record extremely high quality recordings of nature sounds. They customized a special stereo microphone so that it would not pick up any wind distortion without losing any of the nature frequencies. By using a professional portable digital audio tape recorder they were able to capture 3D audio environments whether they were in the forest, by a lake or stream or at the desert or ocean.

Experience the Tranquility of the Natural World

The recordings below are the result of the Gordons’ many trips to nature to record forests, streams, birdsong, deserts and oceans to do field recordings. These nature sounds are now all available to you to bring into your life.  The power these magical places in nature have to soothe the soul and relieve stress are as near to you as a quick download.

Below are two different series of nature sounds:

The David & Steve Gordon Nature Sound Collection
These recordings feature natural nature sounds that slowly change as the track continues, so it feels like you are moving through different areas of the environment.  One track might begin with a stream sounds and move slowly to an environment with forest sounds and then progress to birdsong in a canopy of leaves.

Deep Sleep Systems
These downloads contain one hour of smooth continuous nature sounds that keep the same overall sound for the whole time so it’s good for sleeping – and it has very slow fade-in and fade-outs so you can put it on repeat and let it play through the night.

Whichever kind of nature sounds you choose, don’t wait to feel the deep sense of peace and contentment that these healing environments bring to your life.

Digital Clarity Nature Sounds Audio Products
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