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A Totally New Concept in Brain/Mind Audio Technology

The Transcendence Experience
Where Science meets Higher Consciousness

Meditate with Ease • Stay Centered • Heal Body & Mind • Create Abundance

Welcome to the Latest in Hi-Tech
Enlightenment Conditioning

• Quickly still your mind – without the struggle
• Enter a meditative state without years of practice
• Enjoy the many benefits of meditation while doing any activity

higher consciousness,lotus with light and points of light emerging from it.

Effortlessly Set Your Mind to Higher Consciousness

The Transcendence Experience is unlike anything you have ever heard and light-years beyond anything else available. Listening to a Transcendence Experience download allows you to achieve whole-brain synchronization and access the higher layers of your mind. This produces the Transcendence Experience, a blissful slate of spiritual awareness, with lasting life-changing benefits.

David and Steve Gordon created this entirely new kind of positive higher consciousness audio by combining their experience in meditation, sound-design, and relaxation music. To make this possible, they developed a new way of using recording studio technology which they call Sonic Synergy.

The Transcendence Experience operates on several levels at once, with multiple benefits. Each Transcendence download covers a particular subject and has different affirmations, but at the same time they all produce the wonderful experience of deep relaxation and higher consciousness. They help you to feel centered – in the flow – to release stress, detach from negativity and attain peace of mind.

Soon you begin to feel these positive qualities transform your life, even when you’re not listening to the audio. You enjoy increased creativity, a feeling of well-being and inner harmony. You transcend petty frustrations. You attain your goals by tapping your infinite inner spiritual power. You master your life and create the reality you desire.

The Sound / Higher Consciousness Connection

The entire universe on all levels is composed of vibrations at various frequencies. You yourself are also composed of the same vibrations, so you are affected by the frequencies around you. Sound is the most subtle vibration, and you can use it to control the frequency waveform of your own mind.

That is why many types of meditation use a mantra, a special sound vibration, to achieve higher states of awareness. By using sound, you can bring your mind’s waveform parallel to the universal waveform. You then attain psycho-spiritual parallelism, the state of infinite awareness known as enlightenment.

In the past, it has taken many years of difficult meditation to achieve psycho-spiritual parallelism. Now you can reach this blissful state much more quickly and easily, through state-of-the-art spiritual potential programming and brain-mind audio technology to create continuous higher consciousness. The Transcendence Experience is a new and euphoric process, yet familiar… like coming home to the innermost dimensions of your infinite self.

Sonic Synergy – What Will You Hear?

Instead of a voice with background music, you hear a meditative musical sound which is a combination of both, blended with sounds of nature and synthesized cycle-per-second brain tone frequencies. The spoken words are clearly audible – these recordings are not subliminal – but you hear the words in a subtle, more powerful way than ever before.

David and Steve produced these tracks using state-of-the·art computer-controlled digital audio workstations in their recording studio. This unique synergy of natural and synthesized sound, spoken affirmations and higher-mind music automatically creates a state of higher consciousness – a peaceful euphoric response.  There is absolutely nothing else remotely like this available today.  David & Steve Gordon’s exclusive Sonic Synergy Transcendence Experience soundtracks are in a league of their own.

What is in each Transcendence Experience Download?

Each album contains 4 tracks and is 90 minutes long.

The first two tracks are to use while you go about your usual activities to keep your mind calm and centered.

The second two tracks are for focused listening while sitting, laying down or at bedtime to provide a deeper more relaxing meditation experience.

  • Track 1:  Beta-Level Transformation Environment
  • Track 2:  Beta-Level Extended Transformation Environment
  • Track 3:  Theta-Level Directed Contemplation Meditation
  • Track 4:  Theta-Level Deep Contemplation Meditation

Read below for complete descriptions of each of the 4 kinds of tracks.

Beta-Level Transformation Environment

These tracks are designed for use as background conditioning. They are not subliminal, but you can use them in a similar way, with them on in the background as you go about your usual activities. If you listen closely, you clearly hear every word of the positive affirmations. But if you let the sound fade into the background, you no longer notice the words.

Instead, you experience an expansive and tranquil state of higher consciousness which is good for any time of day or night. This state of higher awareness combines with the positive affirmations to bring you the programming effect you desire.

Each track features different selections of relaxing mind music along with the Transcendence Affirmations. This way, you can freely alternate between the two beta-level tracks for variety according to your mood. Use both tracks as often as you wish, whenever you might use background music or a subliminal. Both will pleasantly enhance any environment, home or office, or use them while exercising, taking a walk, or driving.  Unlike listening to affirmations, they will not distract you while you are working or doing other tasks that require concentration but also unlike subliminal audio, you can still hear the affirmations.  This means both your conscious and sub-conscious minds are engaged and stimulated by the positive affirmations.

Use of the Transformation Environment tracks has the effect of keeping you in a calm and serene yet alert state of mind.  You are no longer pulled off your center or pushed into being stressed out by how your day goes.  No matter what unfolds you will stay in touch with your quiet center within.  Normally it takes years of meditation to begin to experience this kind of mental outlook but by using the Transformation Environment audio downloads you can get there within a few days.  And the best part is that any time you start to feel yourself slipping back into being reactive and frazzled you can put on a Transformation Environment and be back into “Buddha-Mind” fast.

Each Transformation Experience program has different affirmations that match the subject of the program. This allows you to condition your day or evening to achieve the goal and higher consciousness you are searching for.

Theta-Level Deep Contemplation

This is a revolutionary new form of induced meditation relaxation programming. It has never before been this easy to attain states of heightened awareness and enlightenment. This blending of hi-tech Sonic Synergy with ancient yogic meditation techniques results in a deeply peaceful experience.

Although not required, stereo headphones will give you maximum bi-hemisphere synchronization benefit. These tracks take you to the blissful state of theta-consciousness, so don’t use them in a moving vehicle.

Track 3 combines the Transcendence soundtrack with a serenely beautiful guided meditation with soothing mind music. The words are electronically processed to become part of the Sonic Synergy. As you listen, you feel you are effortlessly floating on soothing waves of sound.

With track 4, you enjoy a deep-level Transcendence Experience effortlessly without direction. The meditative state is induced by the specially composed mind music, sounds, and quiet Transcendence Affirmations. This is the ultimate in spiritual potential programming, the ecstatic experience of bliss.  You are guaranteed to have a satisfying meditation experience every time you listen.  There is no reason to struggle to control your thoughts during meditation anymore.  The advanced meditation technology on the Transcendence Experience audio downloads is all you need to access levels of meditation only achieved by many years of practice in the past.

With Higher Consciousness You Can Enjoy a Calm and
Centered Mind Every Day

The Transcendence Experience audio tracks work in two ways to shift your life to higher consciousness mode: The Beta Level conditions your mind to stay enlightened for while you go about your usual activities and the Theta Level enables you to effortlessly access deep meditation without years of practice.  There are different Transcendence Experience downloads for different goals and states of awareness but they all have the same effect of making your life feel easy and relaxed no matter what the day brings.  They allow you to be the person you really want to be – centered, calm, positive and peaceful.

  • As you listen more you will soon feel this way all the time, not just when you are listening to the audio tracks.
  • You’ll feel a sense of fulfilled higher consciousness that enables you to glide through difficulties and stay plugged into to our unlimited spiritual energy.
  • You become a master of life and manifest your dreams.

Find out what the Transcendence Experience is like for yourself.  Discover what you are searching for in the product listings below.

The Transcendence Experience Audio Products
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