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How to Get Better Sleep Every Night

Sleep gets a bad rap. We often associate sleep with “doing nothing” or a waste of time. We treat it like an interruption to our regularly scheduled lives – a nuisance that must be dealt with or abused hedonistically.

In truth, sleep is far from “doing nothing.” When you’re getting good, restful sleep, you’re not just “recharging” or taking a break from activity. Your mind and body are working hard to make you both stronger and smarter. Studies have shown that people who get a good night’s sleep will be able to perform a task better than they could the day before – even when they were well rested. In fact, sleep is more important to your overall health than even exercise or diet!

But, you don’t need a study to tell you that you need sleep. It’s not an option, and poor sleep or the inability to get to sleep will drag your waking hours down.

This is why it can be so frustrating (and sometimes dangerous) when sleep disturbances do occur.

For the insomniac, sleep is a constant on the mind. It’s not just a problem during one part of the day. Because of all the things you need sleep for, not being able to get any – or not being able to get any when you need it – can put the rest of your life on hold.

The question is, how to get better sleep?

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