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The Next Step in Unlocking Your Mind’s Full Creative Power

Discover Effortless Self-Improvement

Listen to subliminals while working, doing household chores, visiting with friends, while driving your car or during exercise. Instantly the powerful learning, cognitive, and creative potentials of the your brain opens wide. The mind’s full power comes alive at last.

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Welcome to the future of Subliminals

We’ve all known for years that the mysterious human mind is more powerful than the most advanced computer. Now, sound researchers David & Steve Gordon have developed a new approach that releases your hidden talents and abilities, long buried beneath the surface of conscious recognition. Their exclusive Subliminal Threshold Affirmations are a significant step beyond all other subliminal technology and fundamentally different than any other subliminals available – a fascinating new process.

What Is the Threshold Response Matrix™ & How Does It Work?

The effect is dramatic, to say the least. With this new cutting edge of scientific advances at work, people are accomplishing more – reaching career and personal goals faster than ever. The process is generally referred to as “self-learning.” Yet the new means for releasing hidden potentials are unique. They are based on right/left brain hemisphere synchronization.

1. Computer-controlled subliminal message embedding. Thanks to recent advances in computer sound level monitoring, now the positive affirmations and suggestions can be recorded just below your threshold of perception. How? The computer used in production precisely controls the volume ratios so you receive maximum benefit from the positive messages. Never does your conscious mind hear them as a distraction. But the powerful subconscious responds: a significant breakthrough in subliminals for your success and achievement.

2. Subliminal vocal coding. These same messages are also vocal coded. Our exclusive Relaxation Music is modulated by the frequency envelope of the spoken affirmations. If you were to listen to the modulated sound track separately from the background, it would sound as if the sounds and music were speaking the words in the messages. Unlike other subliminals, this means that the positive affirmations are not simply masked by music or nature sounds.  Instead the positive affirmations are actually part of the music or nature sounds that you are hearing.  You don’t consciously hear the words but your mind is able to hear and act on them because they are part of the sounds you are hearing.  This experience is like none you’ve ever encountered.

3.Co-operatlve alignment. The spoken introduction gives you the exact text of the subliminal threshold messages that follow. This way, your conscious mind supports your positive subconscious reprogramming – and you stay in complete control. This is a feature that is unique to Light of Mind subliminals. Also unlike subliminals from other companies, you know that each album does actually contain the correct subliminal affirmations on every track because you hear them once before the volume is faded into the background music.

4. Relaxation Music. David & Steve Gordon have created specially designed music, based on body/mind/ spirit synergy. Due to this unique process, listener receptivity reaches a new state, never before achieved. As you listen, you feel you’re far out in the country, hearing music floating in from the distant horizon. On some of the music tracks, you hear rivers, streams, birds, brooks, a meadow at dawn, crickets at dusk, ocean waves breaking on a quiet shore, with the occasional call of seagulls overhead. On other music tracks the relaxation music styles are chill out electronica or world music grooves. They provide a variety of moods and tempos so you can listen during any activity.

What Will You Hear on the Subliminal Threshold Affirmations Tracks?

Six Powerful Tracks on Every Program:
Five are for background listening during any activity, featuring Threshold Response Matrix bi-hemisphere subliminals with a variety  of Relaxation Music styles. Plus you get a 6th bonus track featuring Alpha Relaxation Programming, a guided alpha-level meditation induction with Threshold Response subliminals.

Track 1:  Introduction & Subliminal Music with Nature Sounds
Track 2:  Alpha Relaxation Programming Bonus Track
Track 3:  Subliminal Ambient Meditation Music
Track 4:  Subliminal Chill Out Music
Track 5:  Subliminal Relaxing Music
Track 6:  Subliminal World Fusion Music

You can see the list of positive affirmations contained on each track by clicking on the album title below or on the list of album titles on the right.

What is the Alpha Relaxation Programming Bonus Track?

One track for focused relaxation is included in every Subliminal Threshold Affirmations album download. David Gordon’s soothing voice leads you through an enjoyable guided meditation to the receptive “Alpha State,” where you hear the same positive affirmations that are on the subliminal tracks.

This meditative state further increases the benefits you receive from the positive Threshold Affirmations. This track is ideal for listening to while falling asleep at night or for a revitalizing break during the day.

Subliminals with Remarkable Results – Fast!

  • The combined potency produces the Threshold Response Matrix. It assists you, the listener, in developing the receptive state of mind known as “right/left hemisphere synchronization.”
  • You’ll see hidden abilities and talents start coming to the fore fast – you’ll find great and positive changes in your life, both private and professional.
  • And, as a side bonus, you’ll notice a marked relief from stress.

Explore our selection of Subliminal Threshold Affirmation albums below to find what you need.  Light of Mind subliminals really can change your life!

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