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Increase Your Metaphysical Awareness & Spiritual Power

There is a whole new world of phenomena that most people these days have found themselves closed off to. Even those who are open minded about the metaphysical and spiritual sides of nature can find themselves hampered by the negative attitudes surrounding them in everyday life. The limiting beliefs about higher levels of awareness that you grew up with can still have profound residual effects on you, even if you’ve grown away from those beliefs, yourself.

It’s the tragedy of our modern age because so much good can come from these aspects of our life. That’s why our team of experts have created this series of powerful sessions to release you from conventional beliefs and expand your own higher consciousness.

Whether you want to learn meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis, increase your intuition, contact your higher self, develop psychic abilities or learn how to do astral projection or lucid dreaming, there are Light of Mind metaphysical & spiritual downloads that can help you.

Everyone has the same psychic potential to access higher levels of awareness and reality that people call metaphysical or spiritual. In order to connect with these higher levels of mind and consciousness, you need to change your limiting beliefs that shut out these new experiences and psychic abilities and then practice techniques to increase your awareness and power.

Open a Channel to Your Spiritual Senses

Light of Mind audio downloads are powerful and effective methods for expanding your awareness and developing your metaphysical abilities. You can experience all the benefits of meditation, hypnosis, psychic abilities and intuition skills that you never thought possible and it’s very enjoyable too!

Because these audio sessions draw you into a deep state of relaxation, you get the double benefit of bypassing your conscious mind to rewire your oldest, most ingrained limiting beliefs, plus being put into a comforting state where you’ll already be in a position to be more receptive to the energies taking place around you.

Discover worlds previously closed off by self-limiting thinking and develop your spiritual intuition, psychic power and metaphysical awareness.

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