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Calm Music

Soothing Meditation Music & Healing Sounds

calm music, woman sitting on couch, eyes closed, listening to headphones.

Picture yourself relaxing beneath a high shadetree next to a quiet river

This is the power of our calm music:

It’s mid-day. The sun is peeping through the leaves high in the branches overhead. Your face is bathed in a pattern of sunlight and shadows – and for the first time in a long, long while, you are at peace. At peace with the world, at peace with yourself. Every muscle in your body relaxes. Every trace of stress disappears. You feel at harmony with nature and the universe. You are whole. This is the renewing feeling of Light of Mind Calm Music.

With Calm Music – Be Transported to a New State of Mind,
Peace & Revitalization in Every Sense

When listening to our Calm Music, you will experience a remarkable attitude change almost at once. Just like the sacred music of ancient civilizations, this relaxation music stimulates your psychic energy centers and produces higher states of consciousness. It creates a healing environment of tranquil beauty. Use our relaxation music for: meditation, relaxing, gathering with friends, intimate moments, massage, and while working or studying. This relaxing music is so helpful that more and more counselors, psychologists and clinics are attesting to the positive results you can receive by making Relaxation Music a part of your life.

Throughout the Ages, the Power of Sound has Been Used to Soothe the Body, Inspire the Mind and Uplift the Spirit

Huge temples and cathedrals were built, not just for their visual beauty, but for their acoustic properties as well. When instruments were played in these sacred hails, the sounds echoed and reverberated in in a pleasing way, taking on an almost heavenly quality. Listeners would be transported beyond daily affairs to a blissful state of consciousness.

In modern life, surrounded by an oftentimes hectic and fast-paced world, the uplifting healing sounds of calm music are more important than ever. They touch you on a very deep level, vibrating at the very depth of your being. By bringing soothing relaxation music and meditative sounds into your life, you can bring deep peace to your actions and life-energy to your relaxing

In creating this healing calm music, David and Steve Gordon and the other relaxation Music composers at Light of Mind explored the use of ancient instruments known for their transcendental properties. They combined these powerful ancient sounds with contemporary digital synthesis techniques and sounds of nature to create the finest meditation music and relaxation music there is. As you listen, the musical sounds vibrate your higher chakras (psychic energy centers) creating a profoundly soothing and uplifting feeling. This makes them ideal for meditation, yoga, inner contemplation, visualizations, studying, reading and massage. They’re also just right for stimulating creativity in writing, painting. and other crafts.

Experience the Serene Power of Calm Music

These calming Relaxation Music soundscapes make it easy to relax and feel a deep sense of inner peace and connection with all life. This sensation of feeling interconnected and merged as one with the universe is the essence of meditation and enlightenment. It is at the root of all spiritual paths and teachings. It is the strongest source of personal power and the deepest experience of happiness and inner contentment.  Calm music is designed to do exactly this.

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