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Fitness Motivation – Enjoy Exercise More

$25.95 $18.95

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 1:14:50
$25.95 $18.95
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Program Your Inner Mind to Enjoy Exercise

  • Do you want to make positive changes to your health?
  • Do you want to get in shape and stay in shape?
  • Do you long for better health and a toned figure but have difficulty convincing yourself to go to the gym?
  • Do you sometimes start your fitness goals strong only to find that they begin to fade as time goes on?
  • Do you want to find the motivation to change your fitness level for good?

If your “get up and go” has “gotten up and gone” when it’s time for exercising, here’s the energizer you need.

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations will give you the dynamic motivation you need to feel ready to get to the gym everyday and start your path to a healthier you – something that’s more important now than ever.

It used to be that you could get the exercise and health benefits you needed simply by going about your daily life, but with all the convenience and luxuries afforded us today, it’s up to us to find the motivation to keep ourselves in good working order.

With heart disease, diabetes and a myriad of other lifestyle related diseases claiming more and more lives every year, it’s clear that your life depends on becoming more comfortable with fitness.

Science has proven that regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy and be protected from disease. Don’t let a lack of motivation stop you from being healthy as well as looking and feeling great.

These powerful subliminal audio downloads will help you reach your fitness goals and improve your quality of life – and perhaps even your longevity!

Be Motivated to Exercise with Subliminal Affirmations

To enjoy all the benefits of your new, healthier lifestyle, all you do is listen to peaceful music, never aware of the secret motivational messages – then jump up and marvel at your new found determination to keep in shape. And best of all, once you start exercising it becomes a new positive habit so these messages then become reinforcement to ensure you never go back to your old sedentary lifestyle. You will continue to enjoy exercising without losing interest – something that happens to many people after a while.

The power of these Subliminal Threshold Affirmations is in our exclusive recording technology. This unique process allows the positive messages to be a part of the music you’re listening to, but in a way that doesn’t cause your conscious mind to interfere with the process.

The life-changing subliminal suggestions will still make it to your subconscious mind where they can take root as a new you who loves exercising.

Begin living healthier today with Threshold Subliminal Affirmations.

What Subliminal Affirmations Are Included?

My body loves to exercise, to feel vibrant and fully alive. My mind has learned to tune in to the messages my body is sending. And as my mind tunes into my body I enjoy exercising more and more.I feel healthy and alive when I exercise. Exercise makes me feel good about myself. Exercise makes me look great. When I am fit and healthy as a result of exercise I feel energetic and enthusiastic. I love to feel my body breathe deeply when I exercise. Everyone I meet enjoys my company when I am energetic, upbeat and glowing with health and fitness. Each time I exercise, I feel better about myself and enjoy exercise more. I love to exercise and feel fully alive.

Fitness Motivation – Enjoy Exercise More

List of Tracks in This Download

    • 1. Introduction & Audible Affirmations
    • 2. Guided Meditation & Subliminal Affirmations
    • 3. Subliminal Ambient Meditation Music
    • 4. Subliminal Chill Out Music
    • 5. Subliminal Relaxing Music
    • 6. Subliminal World Fusion Music
Total Time: 1:14:50

Fitness Motivation – Enjoy Exercise More

$25.95 $18.95
You Save $7.00 (27%)

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 1:14:50

Instant Download to Your PC or Mac

— Listen on Any Device

Or Save $8.49

with This Matched Set

$36.90 $28.41

Fitness Motivation – Enjoy Exercise More

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations


Enjoy Exercise

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