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Higher Self – Breakthrough to Illumination

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Self-Transformation Course

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 3:51:26
$71.95 $59.95
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Are You Searching for Something More?

Breakthrough to Illumination guides you from your first fleeting glimpse of your Higher Self to a whole new level of awareness, a continuing relationship with your Higher Self. Have you ever experienced a flash of understanding, the loving yet elusive presence of your Higher Self? It’s very exciting to feel the inspiration, to know you really do create your own reality. But how can you maintain that knowing? How can you feel the guidance of your Higher Self at all times without question?

Steve and David Gordon’s masterful audio course propels you past all blocks and limitations to joyful connection with your Higher Self. Enlightening discussions, guided meditations, positive affirmations and subliminal programming will awaken your own inner wisdom. See where you want to go and how to get there with pleasure instead of struggle. Stop wondering if the intuition and guidance you are receiving is real. As you learn to blend with the source of Love within yourself, whole new vistas of personal power and opportunity are revealed. You will find your entire outlook on life transformed – life can really be good, if you know the key.

You receive nearly 4 hours of life-changing transformational audio that will propel you to live life the way you always knew it would be!

Track 1: A Living Relationship with Your Higher Self. Steve and David help you to decode your own belief system about your Higher Self. You will recognize the highest expression of wisdom within and form a close personal relationship with your Higher Self. This direct experience of love and acceptance results in Illumination, a whole new way of living – free of doubt, hesitation and fear. When you open yourself to the love and power of your Higher Self, life becomes a wonderful game and each day an adventure.

Track 2: Stepping into the Light. On this track, David & Steve will show you how negative thought structures stop you from enjoying a life of ease and fulfillment. You will receive powerful techniques for eliminating negativity through the power of forgiveness. This will free you to accept the gifts of transformation and step through into the light. You will then receive the constant love and unfailing guidance of your Higher Self, co-creating together a life of total freedom and limitless possibilities.

Track 3: Dissolving Blocks to Illumination. In a relaxing session of Whole-Brain Meditation Programming, you will be guided through a beautiful visualization. You will learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and other subconscious barriers to receiving what you want. As you discover your own innocence and deservability, you step up to the very threshold of illumination. You’ve never experienced a meditation like this!

Track 4: Bonding with Your Higher Self. Now you are ready for the final breakthrough. In this Whole-Brain Meditation, you will be guided to that level of mind where you and your Higher Self are already one. From this point, you will learn to create what you want by using the power of your Higher Self combined with your own creative power – together you are more than the sum of your individual energies. This is the power of bonding with your Higher Self, this is the power of Love itself.

Track 5: The Gifts of Transformation. This track contains the Gordons’ new Bi-Level Affirmations technique. This consists of subliminal and audible positive Higher-Self affirmations within a soundtrack of soothing mind music. In this way both your conscious and subconscious receive maximum reinforcement from the meditations – listen anytime, while driving, during the day or use as a sleep track. This track increases your ability to receive the gifts of transformation: insight, imagination, gratitude, trust, freedom from doubt, positive expectancy, spontaneous enjoyment and many more.

Track 6: Letting Go of the Past. Bi-Level Affirmations with uplifting mind music to help you let go of all the past hurt and disappointments. Through the power of forgiveness you can eliminate struggle and strain from your life, and begin to see a world of love, acceptance and ease. Immerse your mind in ultra positive affirmations and watch what happens!

Track 7: Freedom from Limitations. Powerful Subliminal Guidance Programming speaks directly to your subconscious mind. Within the peaceful sounds of nature, undetected by your conscious mind are thousands of affirmations to free you from all kinds of limitations. Listen anytime, anywhere, as your subconscious easily lets go of rigid limiting beliefs. Feel yourself opening to a new world of possibilities in which your inner mind now believes: “I can do anything!”

Track 8: Higher Self Realization. Enjoy soothing mind music and nature sounds as your subconscious is saturated with the subliminal Higher Self concepts of breaking through to Illumination. Listen during any activity, as your life is effortlessly transformed. More and more you feel the love of your Higher Self, the guidance, the wisdom, the freedom and the joy. Life will never be the same!

Higher Self – Breakthrough to Illumination

List of Tracks in This Download

  • 1. A Living Relationship with Your Higher Self
  • 2. Stepping Into the Light of your own Radiance
  • 3. Disolving Blocks to Illumination & Getting What You Want Meditation
  • 4. Bonding with Your Higher Self & Manifesting Your Dreams Meditation
  • 5. Letting Go of the Past - The Gifts of Transformation
  • 6. Letting Go of the Past - Releasing Disappointments
  • 7. Freedom from Limitations - New Possibilities
  • 8. Freedom from Limitations - Higher Self Realization
Total Time: 3:51:26

Higher Self – Breakthrough to Illumination

$71.95 $59.95
You Save $12.00 (17%)

Self-Transformation Course

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 3:51:26

Instant Download to Your PC or Mac

— Listen on Any Device

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Higher Self – Breakthrough to Illumination

Self-Transformation Course


Enlightenment Affirmations

Self-Transformation Course

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