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Positive Attitude

$25.95 $18.95

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 1:14:03
$25.95 $18.95
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Have a Positive Attitude & Transform Your Life

  • Do you feel like life isn’t living up to your expectations?
  • Do the various challenges in your life easily get you down?
  • Does it seem as if the people in your life are reacting to you in a negative way?
  • Do you wonder how other people keep their chipper attitude even when things aren’t going well?
  • Do you just want to be happier?

Having a positive attitude is one of the most important parts of having a healthy, happy and successful life – and yet it’s also one of the hardest factors of success to cultivate.

We can certainly fake a positive attitude but if it isn’t genuine, this strategy can easily blow up in our faces, making matters worse than before. While we’re trying to appear positive on the outside, our negative impulses can be prone to festering inside of us until it becomes overwhelming and we have a terrible outburst.

The only way to really enjoy the full rewards of a positive attitude is for it to rise up naturally in us from our unconscious minds rather than by trying to force it with willpower alone.

With a naturally positive outlook, you’ll be drawn to the roses of life, not the thorns. Powerful subliminal affirmations bring your inner joy to the surface, allowing you to enjoy life far more.

Don’t let yourself be stuck in negativity and unhappiness. Listen to the life-affirming messages hidden in this music to break free into living a positive life. When you are positive, people respond in positive ways in return, work and business improve and your relationships get better also.

Enjoy a Better Life with a Positive Attitude

These Threshold Subliminal Affirmations will find their way deep into your subconscious mind where they can begin to grow and blossom into everything that you think and do in your life. You won’t have to put effort into maintaining a positive attitude – it’ll just happen.

You’ll find everything in your life starting to improve after using these powerful subliminal downloads. It’ll start with you being happier with the way your life is right now. Then as your positive outlook takes hold, better things will happen to you because of the great mentality you possess.

Don’t let another day drag you down. Give yourself the gift of a positive attitude today!

What Subliminal Affirmations Are Included?

My perception of reality determines the quality of my life. I am positive, yes I am positive. I cannot control what happens to me but I can control my response. I am positive, yes I am positive. Until now I have sometimes given in to feelings of sadness or despair due to a negative attitude. Now I enjoy life more by maintaining a positive point of view. I am positive, yes I am positive. Now I react in a positive way to whatever happens. My mood is good. My happiness is self-generating. I no longer waste energy worrying about what I cannot change. When faced with a problem I always deal with it in a positive way. My life is much more enjoyable now that I look on the up side. I feel good physically and emotionally. I expect success. I am positive yes I am.

Positive Attitude

List of Tracks in This Download

  • 1. Introduction & Audible Affirmations
  • 2. Guided Meditation & Subliminal Affirmations
  • 3. Subliminal Ambient Meditation Music
  • 4. Subliminal Chill Out Music
  • 5. Subliminal Relaxing Music
  • 6. Subliminal World Fusion Music
Total Time: 1:14:03

Positive Attitude

$25.95 $18.95
You Save $7.00 (27%)

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 1:14:03

Instant Download to Your PC or Mac

— Listen on Any Device

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Positive Attitude

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations


Dynamic Enthusiasm & Energy

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

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