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Sexual Self-Confidence

$25.95 $18.95

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 1:15:15
$25.95 $18.95
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Become a Self-Assured and Confident Lover

  • Would you like to be great in bed?
  • Would you like to feel great in bed?
  • Would you like to free yourself of any of your sexual hang ups once and for all?
  • Would you like to have the most amazing sex of your life?

You can finally experience sex beyond your wildest expectations. When you feel confident about yourself in bed, you’ll naturally perform better and your partner will notice!

Not only will your partner be impressed with your new found sexual energy and competence, but you’ll enjoy yourself so much more, too. You’ll be able to have the phenomenal sex you desire without any of the internal voices in your head constantly wondering if you’re doing it right or if you’re a good sexual partner.

You’ll be able to relax and let your actions flow, your mind absorbed in only thoughts of the connection you have with your partner and how incredible the moment you’re experiencing is.

Release the skilled lover lying in wait within you. Your subconscious mind already knows what to do! Years of self-doubt and feeling self-conscious have held it back from doing what should come naturally and effortlessly.

Feel Totally Comfortable During Sex

This powerful Subliminal Threshold Affirmation audio download will transform not only your sexual experience, but also your life. You’ll experience the joys of sex in a way you never have before.

All you have to do is relax and play the audio. The message-beneath-the-music will guide you to the most wonderful sex you’ve ever had while building your confidence in yourself and your sexual performance.

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you’ll have amazing sex knowing that your partner will also love it. Never again feel hesitant or unsure of your performance in bed. Become a sexual master simply by listening to the music and nature sounds!

Don’t suffer through another day of less satisfying sex – download this subliminal audio today to have incredible sexual confidence!

What Subliminal Affirmations Are Included?

The key to sexual self-confidence lies in my own self-image. I am a unique person, I have a strong sense of self worth. In the past I have sometimes lost confidence during sex. Now I feel the power of my self-esteem. Now I feel the strength of my positive self-image. My sexual self-confidence is strong. My stamina and vitality is constantly increasing. When I become aroused I relax and tune in to my body. I no longer feel any pressure to perform. I am human and my sexuality flows in waves. I am sensual, I am sensitive. I enjoy every phase of sexual activity. I allow my sexual arousal to flow naturally. It feels great to be in tune with my own sexuality. As I listen to this recording I feel even better about my sexual self-confidence.


Sexual Self-Confidence

List of Tracks in This Download

  • 1. Introduction & Audible Affirmations
  • 2. Guided Meditation & Subliminal Affirmations
  • 3. Subliminal Ambient Meditation Music
  • 4. Subliminal Chill Out Music
  • 5. Subliminal Relaxing Music
  • 6. Subliminal World Fusion Music
Total Time: 1:15:15

Sexual Self-Confidence

$25.95 $18.95
You Save $7.00 (27%)

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

David & Steve Gordon

Length: 1:15:15

Instant Download to Your PC or Mac

— Listen on Any Device

Or Save $11.48

with This Matched Set

$49.90 $38.42

Sexual Self-Confidence

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations


Sexual Satisfaction & Enjoyment

Subliminal Threshold Affirmations

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