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Create Your Ideal Reality with Higher Consciousness


In this fascinating interview, the well-known non-physical teacher Seth offers us an enlightening cosmic perspective of higher consciousness.

Seth explains how we create our reality through our deep internal belief systems and how we can use higher consciousness to identify, influence and change those belief systems.

Speaking through Jean Loomis, the founder of the Aquarian Center in Connecticut, Seth reveals an easy and interesting process we can use higher consciousness to make that reality into the ideal reality we desire.

Her concepts are far beyond the power of positive thinking because they enable you to actually change your thoughts.

When you change your thinking, you change your life.

Here’s a link to another article about the power of positive thinking: Positive Affirmations-The Secret to Getting Life Changing Results.

higher consciousness, mandala of different shades of blue light in the night sky

Steve Gordon: Let’s get right to the point How can we use your teachings of higher consciousness to successfully create the life we desire?

Seth: If you are open to expanding your view of reality with higher consciousness you can benefit greatly by letting go of limitations in your thinking and by learning what hidden belief systems you hold which keep you from experiencing maximum satisfaction on the earth plane.

Steve Gordon: What is blocking us from achieving this fulfillment?

Seth: You have most likely developed a set of core beliefs as a result of prior experience. The generalizations you have made about life (about reality) limit you from experiencing fully.

So, for instance, if you believe that you must struggle 20 years to become a millionaire, that is exactly what will happen.

However, if you believe that your success is guaranteed in an instant, then that is what you will manifest – if you truly believe it without any hold-backs anywhere is your belief system.

David Gordon: How can we learn to let go of these blocks?

higher consciousness, old fashioned gold key with the words success as key code floating in blackSeth: By using higher consciousness to examine your belief system.

Primarily, by working backwards from your results, and asking yourselves, why is it that I want the results that I have? Why have I created these results?

And if you answer honestly, you will become aware of more and more of your core beliefs; the beliefs that are shaping your experience, and indeed attracting to you the results you have been getting.

David Gordon: As we examine our core belief system and continue to look at the results which are not the ones that we desire …

Seth: … the ones you think you want, ok?

Steve Gordon: Right … then, is it just a case of continuing to do that? Or is there some way that we can accelerate this process?

Seth: It is a case of using higher consciousness to honestly examine the belief sysytem and to totally accept responsibility for what you are creating.

Generally, the lack of positive results comes from some deeply held belief in being a victim of circumstance – or that you are powerless, you see?

There can be an infinity of different beliefs prohibiting experiencing what you think you want, from believing in the nobility of suffering, believing that you will lose what you get so why bother; believing that you’ll have to give up in some other area of your life . . .

the mind is tremendously complex and these belief systems are all linked together.

So, it is a matter of deeply questioning your inner self to learn what you really believe. Using your higher consciousness to expand beyond the conscious five percent of what you are already thinking. You have a great deal going on beneath the surface of the mind at all times.

higher consciousness, wine glass half filled with wind with words full and empty on top of image

David Gordon: So when success seems to be blocked, it may be due to subconscious thoughts that are negative generalizations about life?

Seth: Indeed. Indeed. Seldom do you question how you produce the positive results. You take those very much for granted.

Steve Gordon: What if someone said to you, “That’s all fine, but when I look at the world around me, what I see mainly supports the negative generalizations, not the positive. I see problems everywhere. I can only see proof that all my negative thinking is right. What is the best way to handle an experience like that?

Seth: Well of course, you have your belief systems, and what you perceive is only what fits in with them. Your mind is constantly rejecting other evidence because it doesn’t fit. It does not even come in.

That is why our processes help you to expand your higher consciousness, to shift context, so you can allow the conception of other more positive possibilities.

David Gordon: So by shifting to this other context, you’ll see a different world … a world of possibilities, happiness, and the life you want to lead?

Seth: Yes. Indeed.

Steve Gordon: Now, let’s say reality is not showing the results you want and you’ve questioned and discovered your core belief systems … you’ve gone to the very core. How can you change those to be positive belief systems so you can finally experience the success you want?

higher consciousness, man writing in a journal

Seth: Well, first you turn those beliefs around.

  • Write it down on paper.
  • Write the reverse of those beliefs as an affirmation.
  • Continue to write them over and over until the objections you have to believing begin to diminish.
  • Then say them over and over.
  • Flood your senses with the corrected belief, until by virtue of repetition it becomes embedded in the deeper recesses of the mind as part of your new belief system.

Here’s a link to another article that will help you understand how to utilize visualization techniques to help you get the life you desire: Visualization Techniques-Effortless Relaxation, Meditation & Success.

David Gordon: So, first you find out what your objections to the positive beliefs might be and you continue to say it until there are no more objections?

Seth: That’s right. So it is always wise in this process to write, that way you engage more senses.

Let us say, instead of “others are out to get me,” you write the new thought “others want to support me.” You write it and you also write down whatever objecting thoughts come up in the mind. You write it daily, until you get no more objections. Then you keep writing it some more to reinforce the new belief.

And then after working with your affirmations, you let it go.

You let it go out into the universe to collect some energy so it can manifest for you.

You begin lightly, almost as a game, and then as you get evidence that it works, you can affirm more and more, you see? Shortly you will find that your results then begin to prove the new belief.

David Gordon: In other words after a certain point, a week or a month, or whatever, you are able to see positive change manifest in your life.

This entire process sounds similar to the way in which people use self-help meditations, hypnosis and subliminal audio tracks to flood their minds with positive affirmations.

Using self help audio recordings is actually a way to change the belief system at have held people back into ones that will empower them to create what they want in life.  Change your thoughts, change your life is really possible then.

higher consciousness, smiling women with her arms out stretched overhead in a red scarf and orange sweater

Seth: Indeed, the principle is precisely the same.

Steve Gordon: – Thank you Seth, we enjoyed speaking with you today.

Seth: And we are very pleased as well. We trust we have given you something interesting to ponder.

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