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How To Attract Wealth - Raining Money

How to Attract Wealth and Abundance When You Feel You Don’t Really Deserve It

  • David & Steve Gordon

What would you say if I told you it’s possible to learn how to attract wealth?

And before you answer that question, consider this. Do you believe you deserve wealth?

And yes, I do have a reason for posing that question, crazy as it may sound. And it has to do with another question, namely:

Have you achieved the level of wealth that you want in your life?

how to attract wealth - confused woman

If you answered that last query with a resounding no, it could be because you subconsciously don’t believe you deserve to be wealthy.

The truth is, whether consciously or subconsciously, many of us carry around the idea that we don’t deserve wealth or prosperity.

This belief might stem from the fact that you didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. Therefore, subconsciously, you believe there are limits to how much success and wealth you can achieve.

Another subconscious way you might feel undeserving of wealth is that you somehow equate financial abundance with unsavory endeavors.

You know, the whole money is the root of all evil mindset.

Whatever the reason, it’s not at all out of the question that you believe you don’t deserve wealth. But the good news is, you can break free of those invisible shackles.

You can learn how to attract wealth and abundance.

What Makes You Think You Don’t Deserve Wealth?

You can do a simple test to see if your inability to achieve wealth and prosperity is rooted in your ingrained beliefs.

how to attract wealth - woman pondering money

Just ask yourself if you hold any of the following ideas:

  • Fear of success.
  • Feelings of low self-esteem.
  • Preconceived ideas about how wealth is achieved.
  • A belief that money is bad or evil.
  • The notion that wealthy people are unsavory.

Now, you might firmly believe you don’t harbor any of these notions. But even so, it’s still likely that on a subconscious level, you do.

This passage from an article from Psychology Today perfectly illustrates this very point.

“When a prominent financial expert spoke to a large class of graduating college seniors, she asked the largely female audience how they felt about the word “wealth.” Nearly all of the young women-all of whom were very bright-either didn’t relate to the word wealth or thought that wealth was something other people would achieve rather than them.”  (Susan Reynolds, Psychology Today, 2012, Can You Prime Your Brain to Get Rich)

So what’s the answer?

Well, the obvious answer, of course, is to simply stop placing these limiting beliefs on yourself. We all know, however, that this is easier said than done.

So we’re here today to provide you with some simple tools to overcome any limiting beliefs to which you cling, and help you achieve a wealth mindset.

Harness Your Internal Superpower to Attract Wealth

One of the first things you must do to begin to attract wealth is to develop an abundance mentality.

And I know what you’re thinking. If it were that easy, you’d have done it long ago.

how to attract wealth - super hero woman

But it is easier than you think to learn how to attract wealth. Provided, of course, you know how to adjust your ideas about financial abundance.

Here are eight simple steps to get you on the road to manifesting abundance, financially and otherwise.

8 Simple Steps To Instantly and Effortlessly Attract Wealth

1. Get comfortable with money.

First and foremost when learning how to attract wealth and prosperity into your life is to get comfortable handling money.

Getting comfortable with money starts with learning to understand your bank account.

You must get familiar with your finances. You need to learn how to budget and gain control of what’s coming in and what’s going out. And not just what is going out but where it’s going.

You cannot hope to get a handle on your money and gain wealth if you don’t have any idea what’s happening with your money.

how to attract wealth - figuring finances

So getting comfortable handling your finances is a huge first step toward how to attract wealth.

Most banks accounts have budgeting tools you can access. Or you can use another type of budgeting software of your choosing.

Whatever method you choose, getting comfortable with your finances is a crucial step. Start there.

2. Make an investment in your most valuable asset — you.

When you invest in yourself, what you’re really doing is saving money. Now, doesn’t investing in yourself sound a lot better than saving money?

The idea of saving money is so boring and restrictive. Who wants to save money? What a snooze-fest.

The answer to this negative mindset is a change in perspective. Investing has a much better ring to it than does saving.

When you put aside a set amount of money each week or month, you gradually watch your bank account grow. That growth is you investing in you.

Your growing bank account, your self-investment, empowers you. And from there comes confidence and security.

Anytime you choose not to spend money, you truly are spending money on yourself and your wealth state-of-mind. By consciously deciding to save, your money and your financial-confidence will grow, attracting more abundance to you.  (Shelly Bullar, MindBodyGreen, 4 Simple Steps To Attract Money Into Your Life.)

Commit to placing a set amount of your income into a savings account on a regular basis. If possible, have it done automatically.

how to attract wealth - saving money

Before long, you won’t even miss that money in your pocket.

And when you check your savings account a few months down the road, that extra cushion will look pretty sweet.

3. Look for wealth in less obvious places.

Another way to learn how to attract wealth is realizing that wealth comes in many forms. Money is just one of those forms.

Look around at all that makes your life rich. You’ll see that much of it has no relationship to money whatsoever.

Anything that enriches your life and provides happiness is a form of abundance.

Many people consider their lives to be quite full, even with what most would view as a modest bank account.

Good friends, healthy family relationships, enjoyable hobbies and pastimes, are all examples of wealth.

Learn to appreciate all that enriches your life, filling it with abundance, financial and otherwise. All are forms of prosperity and abundance.

4. Have a clear understanding of what you desire.

If you don’t know what you want in life, it’s hard to learn how to attract wealth regardless of what form that wealth takes.

how to attract wealth - new home for sale

Without a clear understanding of what wealth and abundance means to you, it’s impossible to take the necessary steps towards its attainment.

Try making a list of those things you’d like to attract into your life.

Do you want a new car? Would you like to buy a home?

Maybe travel is your ultimate dream.

Whatever it is you desire, be specific. Instead of merely wanting a car, for example, describe what kind of car you want, down to the color and accessories you want.

It’s important to be sure that what you attract into your life is, indeed, precisely what you want. Leave nothing to chance.

5. Harness the law of attraction.

By now you’ve no doubt heard of the law of attraction. But just what is the law of attraction?

Well, the law of attraction is not as ethereal as you might tend to believe. It just involves cultivating an abundance mentality.

It also involves focusing on that which you desire.

how to attract wealth - magic, law of attraction

But do be mindful about where you aim your focus. You don’t want to attract the opposite of what you desire. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t.

When learning how to attract wealth, financial or otherwise, it is possible to put the power of your mind to work for you.

When the universe is clear on what you want to manifest, then it can help you. If you don’t ask, it will still try to help you, but it guesses as to what you truly desire. Don’t leave what you receive up to chance, ask for what you want.  (Nathalie Guerin, Huffington Post, 2017, 7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want – Including Money.)

Meditation, visualization, the power of prayer are all examples of manifesting abundance.

You tend to attract into your life that on which you focus the most energy. Be specific on where you focus your attention. Keep it positive.

Create a vision board. Engage in daily meditation. Make use of positive affirmations.

Each of these activities will help put the law of attraction to work for you to attract wealth and abundance.

6. Get to work on your goals.

Now that you have some idea of what you desire and how to get a better handle on your finances, it’s time to focus on working toward your goals.

It would be nice if the only requirement toward how to attract wealth were to ask the universe and then sit back and wait.

But like anything worth achieving in life, the expenditure of effort is also necessary.

For example, if you’re working toward buying a new car that matches all of your requirements, setting aside the funds for that car is critical.

how to attract wealth - dream vacation planning

Earmark a portion of your savings toward your new car. Figure out how long it will take to save the money you need and set up a savings account for that purpose.

Maybe you want to change jobs or go for a promotion. What must you do to prepare for that action?

Do two or three simple steps toward your goals every day. Every action you take will move you closer to your goal.

7. Work on keeping your energy and positivity high.

Another element of tapping into the law of attraction toward how to attract wealth is to be sure that your energy remains positive.

Now, you’re only human, and you’re bound to have days that are less than perfect from a mental and emotional standpoint.

But by and large, strive to stay upbeat. Engage in activities that you enjoy and that reduce stress.

Spending time each day just recharging your batteries doing something you enjoy can help you stay positive and receptive to attracting abundance.

Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy simple pleasures.

how to attract wealth - man relaxing with dog

8. Be receptive to self-growth.

A rigid mindset is not conducive to developing a wealth mindset.

You must be willing and ready to learn new things, change stale ideas to fresh new ones.

For example, study people who’ve already achieved that toward which you strive. How they live their life, the steps they’ve taken to reach their goals, will provide insights for your journey.

Attracting wealth into your life requires that you go beyond wishful thinking. It means making a conscious choice to learn all you can about money and how wealth is accumulated. Examine the practices, beliefs and habits of enlightened people who have created and attracted wealth. These are your teachers. (John D. Moore, Ph.D., PsychCentral, 2017, How to Attract Wealth Instantly in 7 Simple Steps.)

Always be willing to stay abreast of what successful people are doing and emulate their successes.

Hopefully, by now you’ve gained some insights and ideas toward learning how to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

A positive mindset, being open to learning new things, and receptivity toward harnessing the law of attraction are key.

With the right mindset and tools at hand, you can and will attract abundance, including money, into your life.

Are you ready to learn how to attract wealth and abundance into your life? If so, check out our vast library of transformation audios to choose the ones that will get you started today.

David & Steve Gordon

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