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Manifesting Abundance Overflowing Flowers And Fruit

15 Secrets to Manifesting Abundance in Your Daily Life

Manifesting abundance. You’ve probably seen that phrase popping up in articles, books, and videos these days. It’s has become a hot topic of conversation, along with the law of attraction.

Maybe you’ve just skimmed on by when you’ve seen these phrases. Or maybe they made you stop and think. And wonder:

Just how can you manifest your desires to build the perfect life? Can you learn how to manifest wealth and abundance, for example?

With these thoughts in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into these concepts and explore them together.

What does manifesting abundance mean? And does the law of attraction really work?

Law of attraction and manifesting abundance are basically two different ways of saying the same thing.

Is it Possible to Learn the Art of Manifesting Abundance in Your Life?

Most of us have desires and dreams. Goals. We want abundant health; we’d like to learn how to attract wealth, how to manifest financial abundance.               manifesting abundance happy dad with kids

Manifesting love is usually high on our lists as well.

Fortunately, with a few simple life tweaks, you can indeed learn how to manifest your desires and enjoy the life you dream of living.

And it’s not as far-fetched an idea as you might imagine. Consider these words from life coach and founder of The Addictions Coach, Cali Estes, Ph.D.

Law of Attraction is very simple. You have to know what you want. You focus on the positive aspects of what you need, desire, or want to manifest. Positive attracts positive; negative attracts negative. This is where the saying ‘misery loves company’ came from. Lower-level energies will flock together. If you want to manifest, you envision rising above these energies and staying in the positive. … This can be further detailed by saying that if you think it, it will come. Words have power and thoughts can be energy. (Bustle, 2016, 11 Ways to Understand the Law of Attraction and Use It to Get What You Want.)

Tapping Into the Incredible Power of Manifesting Abundance

When you think about the areas of your life that would benefit from learning the art of manifesting abundance, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, they likely include:

manifesting abundance couple riding bike

But manifesting abundance can include plenty of other ideas as well. Each of us has different desires and dreams.

Tapping into life’s abundance for you will look different than it will for the next person. How you manifest your desires, and what those desires include, will be unique to you.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

So just how does manifesting abundance and the law of attraction really work? How can you learn to tap into its awesome power?

Harnessing the Secret of the Law Of Attraction

Perhaps you’ve heard of, or even read, the book The Secret? Or maybe seen the movie based on that book.

The result of years of research and self-discovery by the author, Rhonda Byrne, The Secret claims to unlock, well, the secret, of the law of attraction.

By learning to tap into the power of the universe, according to Rhonda Byrne, you’ll manifest enormous wealth, health, love, and happiness.    manifesting abundance money growth

You’ll change your life in surprising and compelling ways through the law of attraction and manifesting abundance.

The Secret took the world by storm, and with good reason. Many people, from all walks of life, used the secret of the law of attraction to change their lives. They learned the art of manifesting abundance.

And the best part is, you can do it too.

What is Your Idea of An Abundant, Full Life?

By learning the art of manifesting abundance and tapping into the law of attraction you are indeed the creator or your own destiny. You decide how your life is going to look; you make it happen.

It is indeed amazing what your mind is capable of doing, often without your conscious awareness. The use of positive thinking, alone, invokes the law of attraction.

And yes, it really is that simple.

Just think about people you know who always seem to maintain a positive outlook. They rarely, if ever, get sick. And that’s not just good luck. It’s their mindset of abundance and positivity at work.

The mechanism for the connection between health and positivity remains murky, but researchers suspect that people who are more positive may be better protected against the inflammatory damage of stress. Another possibility is that hope and positivity help people make better health and life decisions and focus more on long-term goals. Studies also find that negative emotions can weaken immune response. (Johns Hopkins Medicine, The Power of Positive Thinking.)

manifesting abundanceTo manifest abundance in your life requires that you maintain a positive mindset and attitude. That doesn’t mean you’ll never again experience a bad day. You’re human. Bad days happen.

But It does mean you should strive to stay upbeat, more often than not.

Simple Strategies for Manifesting Abundance in Your Life

You can change your life for the better by making simple adjustments in your thinking and attitudes on a daily basis.

We all want to be financially stable, enjoy abundant health, the company of great friends. We desire healthy relationships that enrich our lives.

By adopting a more positive outlook, all of these aspects of your life can and will improve.

Here are 15 simple strategies to help you begin manifesting abundance in all areas of your life:

1. Speak to yourself in positive ways:

Are you aware that you talk to yourself all of the time?

You may not be speaking out loud — though I’m guessing some people do and that’s A-Okay — but you do continually send messages to your subconscious mind.

If you call yourself an idiot or tell yourself you’re stupid often enough, your mind begins to believe it.

Negative self-talk is a trap in which way too many of us all fall. And that constant drum of negativity seeps into your psyche and chips away at your self-esteem.

Make a point of catching yourself whenever you start to say negative things about yourself. Flip the thought on its side.

You’re not stupid when you burned last night’s dinner. You just made a mistake. It happens to the best of us. It’s not a big deal.

Treat yourself with as much sensitivity as you would anyone else. Cut yourself the same amount of slack you allow others.    manifesting abundance woman relaxing in nature

There’s no reason to be so hard on yourself.

This small change in mindset can work wonders for your overall attitude and mental outlook. And it gets easier to do with practice.

2. Learn to visualize your dreams:

Spending even a few minutes a day imagining what you want in life is an excellent way to begin to feel like you’re already there.

How does your ideal life look? Who’s in it with you? How does it sound, look, smell?

The more often you practice visualization, the more likely you are to recognize opportunities when they arise.

When you become aware, and in tune with what’s happening, you’re able to course correct and readjust as necessary.

You begin to point yourself, and your life, in the direction you want to go.

3. Develop a state of gratitude:

Positivity and feelings of appreciation for what is right in your life now will attract more of the same.

This concept isn’t as crazy as it might seem. It’s not based on magic or mysticism, though it might feel like it is.

When you adopt a positive attitude, instead of moaning and lamenting what isn’t perfect, you learn to problem solve. Problem-solving leads to course correction.

Course correction leads you closer to the abundance you seek.

Optimists do better than pessimists. The answer lies in the differences between the coping strategies they use. Optimists are not simply being Pollyannas; they’re problem solvers who try to improve the situation. And if it can’t be altered, they’re also more likely than pessimists to accept that reality and move on. Physically, they’re more likely to engage in behaviors that help protect against disease and promote recovery from illness. They’re less likely to smoke, drink, and have poor diets, and more likely to exercise, sleep well, and adhere to rehab programs. Pessimists, on the other hand, tend to deny, avoid, and distort the problems they confront and dwell on their negative feelings. It’s easy to see now why pessimists don’t do so well compared to optimists. (Hans Villarica, 2012, The Atlantic, How the Power of Positive Thinking Won Scientific Credibility.)

4. Rid your mind of what no longer serves you:

Most of us hold onto clutter and negative thoughts and ideas that do us little to no good. To allow abundance into your life, you must clear a spot for it to land.

manifesting abundance woman dancing in field

Think about those thoughts and ideas that are holding you back. Learn to recognize them and push them away. They may come back a few times. That’s normal.

Be vigilant. Eventually, those negative thoughts will get the hint and leave.

To make this process easier, consider using a form of manifestation meditation to aid you in your efforts toward letting go of what no longer serves you.

5. Let go of rigid ideas of what you think you want:

Often when you’re working toward a particular goal, you become so focused on that goal that you miss the surprises along the way.

Sometimes a deter from your current path leads you to something better; something you might never have considered otherwise.

Be open to new possibilities and ideas. Just because you didn’t think of them from the start doesn’t mean they can’t be beneficial.

Veering off path can sometimes lead to even better things. Be open to new ideas.

6. Listen to your intuitive self:

Learn to listen to your gut. Those intuitive sensations that you get can lead you to new ideas, open new doors.

Intuition has been hardwired into our psyches. We’ve just become used to doubting ourselves and distrusting our instincts.

Instead, let your intuition guide you. At least give it a say in the matter before rejecting the idea. Who knows where it might lead you?

7. Count your current blessings:

Sometimes we get so focused on what we want that we fail to see what we already have. And it’s often much more than you realize.  manifesting abundance

It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves and our lives to those of others. Somehow, we always come away believing that everyone has more money, a more robust social life, bigger and better houses and cars.

For all you know, those same people are looking at you with envy. We tend to think everyone else knows something we don’t.

Learn to see the abundance already in your life and appreciate every aspect of it. As an added bonus, that positive attitude will expand and bring more of what you’re seeking into your life.

8. Live in the moment:

Instead of longing for what might be and feeling regretful for what has been, focus on what’s going on in your life right now.

It does no good to worry about what might happen, though I do understand letting go is easier said than done.

It serves no purpose to dwell on past mistakes. Learn whatever lesson you were meant to learn and move on.

9. Create a vision board or dream journal:

Much like visualizing where you want to go, putting together a vision board or dream journal can help solidify your dreams and goals in your mind.

Write down the kind of house you want to live in, where you want to live.

Paste photos on a board that represent your goals and dreams.      manifesting abundance vision board

Whenever you find yourself falling into negative patterns and thoughts, pull out your board or journal and remind yourself of where you’re heading.

10. Tap into your inner child:

Remember how, as a child, you imagined how your life would look when you grew up. You saw yourself and your life just as you desired, minus the self-doubt and worry that it might be unattainable.

Tap into that imaginative inner child again. There are no limits on your imagination. Let it run free and see where it leads.

11. Look for ways that you’re already living your dream life:

I’m willing to bet that there are aspects of your life that are already just the way you want them.

It’s all too easy to miss the wins of today when you’re too busy looking beyond them to what you haven’t yet achieved.

Look closer to home now and again. Ask yourself what you already love about your life. There are bound to be more than a few things you wouldn’t change one little bit.

But don’t just take my word for it. Consider this comment from mindfulness expert and Ph.D., Melanie Greenberg.

Early humans lived in tribes and were highly dependent on the social network for protection and access to food and shelter. We still live with the vestiges of this today. Our brains are naturally wired to compare ourselves with others, evaluate our social status and resources, and find ways to advance. An unfortunate side effect of this wiring is that we may develop a deprivation mentality – focusing on what we want that others have and we do not have. A deprivation mindset makes us feel unlucky or left out, leading to feelings of sadness and inferiority. To address this, we can adopt an abundance mindset – deliberately training our brains to focus on the good things we have in our lives, in order to generate feelings of contentment and a sense of belonging, safety, and being cared for. (Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., 2013, Psychology Today, Unwrap Mindfulness & Abundant Mindset This Holiday Season.)

Don’t let the fact that this quote is from a holiday-related article fool you. The concepts apply no matter the time of year.

12. Become generous of spirit and action:

In the spirit of paying it forward, give out to the universe that which you desire in your life. Karma is real. It may not be instant, but eventually, you tend to reap what you sow.

manifesting abundance giving hands

Be generous-minded toward others. Exercise compassion and empathy.

When you put forth positivity and give back to others, you get back much more than you give. Like attracts like. Be sure you’re attracting the right things into your life.

13. Smile:

It may sound ridiculous, but a simple smile can work miracles. Not only will you brighten others’ days, but you’ll feel uplifted yourself.

Feeling uplifted means, you’ll retain a positive outlook. And a positive outlook translates to manifesting abundance of your desires.

It’s so simple. Just smile.

14. Celebrate your wins along the way:

Wins come in all shapes and sizes. When you’re striving to manifest life’s abundance, there’s a tendency to miss the things that are going exactly as planned.

It doesn’t matter whether you pulled off a complicated recipe or landed a great new job. A win is a win. Enjoy every single one along the way.

15. Cultivate resiliency:

Life is going to throw curve balls at you. You can either let them take you down or use them as stepping stones.

Resiliency allows you to roll with life’s punches. It’s not what happens to you that matters. It’s how you react to what happens.  manifesting abundance flexible woman doing yoga

You’re going to experience setbacks. You’ll land short of your ultimate goals. Life will happen, good and bad.

If you can adapt and weather the storms, you will find the rainbow on the other side.

As you can see, there are many simple ways to begin to learn the art of manifesting abundance. Practice as many as possible on a daily basis. With consistency, they’ll soon become second nature.

If you’re looking for more ideas and help with manifesting abundance in your life, click on the Light Of Mind shop and stroll through our extensive library of audio downloads to get started today.

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