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9 Techniques to Help Raise Your Levels of Spiritual Awareness

What is spiritual awareness? Why does spiritual awakening happen? And are there some easy awakening process steps you can learn for greater self-growth? It's easy to understand how you might experience some spiritual awakening confusion. On its face, it can seem a bit mysterious. Fortunately, spiritual awakening steps are easier to learn and recognize than you might at first believe.…

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Music Therapy - A Blurry Close Up Of A Hand Playing The Piano

Healing Pain with Brainwave Music & Binaural Beats

“Music activates more parts of our brains than any other stimulus.” –Oliver Sacks Music is well-known to relieve emotional pain. Not only does each of us probably have an experience of this, but it is borne out in scientific work in the US and abroad. The same brain circuits that manage the experience of emotional pain – anxiety, fear, shame,…

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