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What’s So Great about the New Generation of Self Help Audio?

How about – for starters – wealth and success, a beautiful healthy body and spiritual enlightenment?

Can listening self help and personal growth audio “magically” change your reality?  Why is there so much interest in self-help now?

What about self-help audio downloads – do they make a difference?

“Create your own reality” – easy to say, but not always so easy to do. Everyone has the ability…but finding that Power inside is not a simple matter.

It’s a spiritual quest to activly engage in personal growth. It takes time, energy, faith, and determination.

Along the way, a little help is more than welcome. And that help is best of all when it’s Self-help.

We have been producing best selling self-help audio recordings and relaxation music, for over 20 years.

In just the last few years, there has been an big increase in the interest in these personal growth audio downloads.

People are re-discovering their metaphysical awareness.

They are learning the secret to manifesting the reality they desire.

self-help downloads are a powerful tool that can help unlock your own hidden inner power.
Personal growth. Peak of Mount Everest in sun light

Re-discovering Your Own Forgotten Power Center

When you are in tune with yourself, you know your own power and you own your own personal growth. You are free to accept yourself and do what you want with your life.

Here’s a link to another article about how you can use the power of your mind to achieve your best life: Positive Affirmations-The Secret to Getting Life Changing  Results.

How can you expand upon those times, those times you feel your life is working perfectly?

It’s one thing to decide to do it; it’s another to actually make it real.

Self-help audio downloads are an effective tool you can use to transcend your imagined limitations. Combining modern technology, the spiritual power of sound and the ancient knowledge of the shaman. They help you perform the healing mental exercise known as “self-processing.”

This involves accessing your subconscious mind, to discovering and clearing out hidden blocks. You stop self-sabotage, strengthen what you like about yourself, and change what bothers you.

Whatever your personal growth plan includes:

You have those goals for a reason. Your mind has the unlimited power you need to meet those goals.

Self-help downloads help you find and use that power within. Don’t give away your power by thinking they are a magic pill.

Use them as a tool and know that the power is yours.

Through the power of self awareness, you are the one who creates your new reality.

That’s what feels so good about self-help audio.


How to Create Your Ideal Reality in 3 Easy StepsPersonal Growth, self help audio, Silhouette of a head with the brain outlined in positive words

No problem! Just do these three things:

(1) Get rid of all your limiting beliefs,

(2) Construct a new belief system that fits with the reality you desire, and

(3) Install that new belief system in your mind.

All your problems will be solved and the new reality you desire will be manifested.

Having trouble with any of these steps probably means you’re not an enlightened master yet – join the club!  In that case, you’ll most likely have better luck using the technique called “Positive Programming.”

You can do it on your own with meditation and mental exercises.  You can use self-help audio downloads as a tool, or a combination of both. It’s a personal choice, but either way the basic idea is the same.

There are many types of positive programming which appear on self-help audios.  Areas of personal growth techniques range from self hypnosis and meditations to subliminals – but the effective methods all have certain factors in common.

They begin with imagination as the motivating force.  Then move on to programming the deeper levels of the mind.  It’s best to use a variety of symbol systems, creative visualizations, and positive affirmations.

Success in personal growth is always the same; unwanted limiting beliefs are replaced by an inner power and freedom from your limitations.

To understand how programming and Self-Help Audio MP3’s work. Let’s take a look at the various states of consciousness of the human mind.
Personal growth. a computer image of a mans silhouette surrounded in rainbow hued pretty-fractals

Tremendous Personal Growth, Brain States and Positive Programming

The day-to-day reality that you experience is programmed by the mental and emotional patterns that are a result of childhood experiences (both good and bad.)  These stored in your subconscious mind.

By tapping the infinite power and wisdom of your causal mind, you can change the limiting beliefs.  With personal growth audio you can actually reprogram your subconscious to produce the reality you desire.

Your conscious mind alone can’t do the job, and the subconscious can’t reprogram itself because it’s still under control of the old programming.

The two highest layers of your mind are beyond the details of daily life – concerned only with your spiritual development. That leaves the first layer of the causal mind, the supra-mental layer, which is where you find the power to reprogram your subconscious and create your ideal reality.

Positive programming is a collection of methods you can use to access your supra-mental mind. It is significant key to personal development and has the power to change your reality.

Here’s a link to another article where you can learn how to utilize visualization techniques to create the successful life you desire: Visualization Techniques-Effortless Relaxation, Meditation & Success.

Some types of positive programming are particularly good for use on Self-Help Audio.

These include:

Hypnosis as a programming technique is a special case. Lower level hypnosis, is an example of single person using the powers of the subconscious mind (second layer of the mind) to influence the less powerful conscious mind (first layer) of another person.

On the other hand, higher self-hypnosis or guided self hypnosis, is really a form of meditation, which has a spiritual base.

Personal growth. Sunlight going through the inside peak of a lighthouse.That is what makes it the best hypnosis technique to get around the lower levels and release the infinite power of the supra-mental mind for positive programming.

Programming methods access the supra-mental mind in a variety of ways.

Altered states programming, such as deep relaxation meditations or hypnosis, use various techniques to slow the listener’s brain waves and produce an altered brain state.

This is a safe and natural process, which is very similar to sleep; the listener is never in a trance and can always return easily to normal beta waking consciousness.

For example – alpha relaxation programming guides the listener into the receptive alpha state. Hypnosis and  guided self-hypnosis may take the listener into the theta state.

Sleep programming works best when the listener is just falling asleep or just waking up – the transition between the theta and delta states. Self-Help Audio enthusiasts find the altered states experiences to be very enjoyable and refreshing.

For those who prefer to do their programming without taking the time for active listening, subliminal affirmations effectively side step conscious and subconscious resistance without affecting the listener’s brain state at all.

Listen to subliminally active audio while you go about your usual activities.  That way you can use all that time to condition your inner mind at the same time.

You remain in your natural brain state – whether awake, asleep, or relaxing. The subliminal audio or threshold messages and affirmations recorded on the subliminal mp3s effectively stimulate the supra-mental mind to produce the desired reprogramming.

Do subliminal messages work?

Scientific research says it does.  For more about this check out this blog post about The Surprising Impact of Positive Subliminal Messages.

How to Choose Self-Help Audio Downloads & Know If They’re Working

If you are attracted to self-help audio downloads that’s a good sign that you’re ready for positive change in your life.

It’s a good way to know you’re ready to accelerate positive personal growth you’re already experiencing.

“Don’t give away your power by thinking of these audio downloads as a magic pill.  Use them as a tool and know that the power is yours.  You are the one who creates your new reality.”

It’s like the old Indian saying that when the student is ready the right teacher appears. Self-help downloads come in many different flavors and varieties.

Personal growth. A female silhouette jumping with hands over head set against blue sky with clouds.

People who enjoy positive personal development results from the audio downloads also enjoy building a personal library of self-help audio programming materials.

Depending on their area of interest, their library might highlight health and fitness, prosperity, personality reprogramming, relationships and love, or metaphysical awareness and spiritual development … or a cross-section of all of these.

After spending some time with the audio most listeners develop their own personal growth plan style of using them. Some settle on a favorite style of programming. Others prefer to combine methods.

For example, beta-state use of threshold and subliminal audio while driving, taking a walk, making dinner, etc…plus perhaps relaxing with an altered state programming session before going to sleep at night.

In choosing and using Self-help Audio Downloads, this is the most important point to remember: You are establishing a close personal relationship with the individual who speaks on the audio dowload.

If you use the downloads often, you accept this person as a guide; you open your mind to receive the teachings, which are offered. This relationship has a spiritual base. It is important that you view it in this way and make your decisions according to your spiritual life goals.

There are many companies making Self-help Audio Downloads – subliminal and altered states – and many of them are doing a good job. But keep in mind that you are always in control of what teachings you accept and who you accept them from.

When you are using a audio download by someone new to you, center yourself and listen carefully the first few times.

Relax, still your mind, and absorb the messages. Allow yourself to consciously feel the source of the teachings. Experience your inner response fully.

Is this the right guide for you? Listen to your inner voice and the answer will be clear.

The other details of the Self-Help Audio Downloads are secondary, but the choices are very interesting.

You can have a lot of fun experimenting and finding out which personal growth plan works best for you.

That choice is a personal one; you may find you like to combine many titles and formats to produce your own integrated self-help program.

Subliminal or meditation programmingSoothing nature sounds such as ocean waves or relaxation music? Alpha relaxation or guided imagery meditations?

The available choices are fascinating blend of modern technology, ancient metaphysical teachings, and next generation spirituality.

Personal growth. A Japanese garden path of tree stumps in a lake filled with water lily pads.

With Self Help Audio The Journey & the Goal are One

Self-Help Audio Downloads work because they help you tune in to the higher levels of your own mind.

Each time you tap that endless inner power, the channel becomes clearer and stronger . . . like cutting through the static and locking in a radio beacon.

There are plenty of audio downloads on the market made by people who are not based in Higher Consciousness, who are doing it simply as a business. If you try those, you’ll probably lose interest in them after a short while.

When you find a guide who inspires you, who shares teachings from the higher realms, you’ll know it in your heart. Perhaps you’ll walk the path together for a time.

When you feel yourself responding to spiritually based Self-Help Audio programming, you’ll be aware of living more and more in the moment.

In this way, as you work towards solving your problems and manifesting the new reality you desire, your personal development goal becomes the journey itself.

Whatever your goal is – prosperity, good health, slim figure, new love relationship, enlightenment – each step you take on that journey you take with the delightful awareness that you are already complete, infinite and eternal.

Choose your guides and teachers carefully, with discrimination and intuition. Listen to the still small voice inside.

Explore and choose your favorite  Self-Help Audio programming methods.

The unlimited spiritual power of your causal mind will create the reality you desire in your heart of hearts.

What does that ultimate reality look like for you?

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