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Personal Development with David & Steve Gordon Of Light of Mind – The Interview

Robert Silverstein, founder of the web site presents a new 2017 interview with David & Steve Gordon, New Age musicians and founders of Sequoia Records and the Light Of Mind personal development web site.

During the Vietnam War era of the middle 1960s through the early 1970s, American youth, disillusioned by war and politics went on a quest to improve their lives, bodies and minds.

During those heady times, the music of the Beatles and Moody Blues sparked an interest in mind-expanding recreational drugs, yet even the Beatles themselves realized that they would need more than just drugs to create a better future.

Turning American youth of the late 1960s onto Transcendental Meditation, both the Beatles, Moody Blues and Beach Boys paved the way for the next era of enlightening therapies, many of which are still popular in the early 21st century.

Pioneers of the new generation of New Age music and self-healing audio therapies, the powerhouse brother team of David and Steve Gordon are the creators of both Sequoia Records and the Light Of Mind web site.

Recording and releasing music that is sonically satisfying and good for your mind and body since the early 1980s, David and Steve Gordon continue their sonic vision with a wide range of self-development and transformational audio products that are available through their web site.

Combining the fascinating music on the Sequoia Records label with the power of self-help audio tracks, the Light Of Mind web site offers a cross section of self-healing audio products for people seeking to improve their lives in a relaxing yet proactive way.

Among the healing audio products offered by Light Of Mind are self-help audio programs designed to help you lose weight and stay fit, ways to help you attract wealth, improve sleep habits, increase the power of your mind, ways to improve love and relationships, ways to fight addictions, as well as ways to attract success and personal power.

In the early 21st century era of stress and information overload, some people need a vital and valid way to reprogram their thinking and consciousness to help them overcome fear, negativity and procrastination.

As David & Steve Gordon prove with Light Of Mind, the combined power of New Age music and the potential of self-help healing personal development  audio programs are an effective and life-enhancing way to improve lives.

In the following interview, David and Steve Gordon shed light on both the philosophy and history of the magical New Age music on their Sequoia Records label, and the positive and creative transformational audio products offered by their Light Of Mind web site.

personal development -orange to yellow ombré graphic lotus

Can people benefit from the Light Of Mind products without daily meditating or do people have to meditate daily while using them? What types of meditation to you recommend to your clients and what are the different types you recommend, such as TM and Buddhist.

David Gordon:

You don’t need to meditate to get the benefit from the Light of Mind personal development products. But if you are interested in meditation there are some Light of Mind audio products that have guided meditations: The Creative Visualization series, The Transcendence Experience and some of the tracks on the Self-Transformation Courses.

By spending some time ever day focusing on whatever goal you are wanting to achieve is a powerful way to create fast and lasting change in your personal development journey.

Some people like to use our meditations before getting out of bed, as a break during the day or before bed at night.

There is also the Reflective Self-Hypnosis series which you use the same way as a guided meditation, by sitting or lying down and listening to the recording.

personal development - a side view silhouette of a face in outer space with a light flare

We also believe that meditating without a guided meditation is very good to do as well. It takes a little more effort at first but after a while you can go even deeper that way.

But with meditation unlike using self help audio, you do not have a goal. Instead you are meditating to center your mind and experience deep peace.

If you are interested in doing this it can be very helpful to listen to nature sounds or calm music that is designed for meditation. Many of our customers use our nature sounds and calm music to help them meditate.

You simply close your eyes and listen to the calm music or nature sounds. Each time you notice getting lost in your thoughts you just return to focusing on the relaxation music or nature sounds.

What products from Light Of Mind can people use during the course of their day without meditating?

Steve Gordon:

There are many audio products on the Light of Mind site that you can use while you go about other activities. There are the Subliminal Threshold Affirmations that feature 6 tracks of different kinds of music. People like to listen to those while the drive, work, and study or do things around the house.

personal development -Tech illustration of multi-color waveform over man's forehead human mind power

The Transcendence Experience also has tracks of affirmations blended with music that you can listen to while doing other activities. They also have guided meditation tracks you can use to focus fully on the programming.

What Light Of Mind self-development products do you recommend people start with when they’re trying to change their lives?

David Gordon:

The best approach is to focus on a few related areas to get started in personal development and download those


For example, let’s say you want to lose weight. You could download some of the products in the Weight Loss & Fitness category. Those are all related so you can work with some to help you control you’re eating, or eat healthier and another to enjoy exercise more.

personal development -a photo of torsos of a man with no shirt and a women in a workout top both have a measuring tape around their neck

We recommend choosing a few downloads in one category that support similar areas of change. Then each one you listen to will enhance the power of the others you are listening to.

You might want to focus on making more money and Attracting Wealth. Or having more Self-confidence & Self-Esteem and improving your Brain / Mind Power.

If you are interested in higher consciousness and spirituality, you could download some of the audio products in the Metaphysical / Spiritual category.

How did you decide to use which music to use for your subliminals. For example in the Subliminal Threshold Affirmations series, what music did you use to accompany the spoken word affirmations? What is the connection between the music and the guided meditations?

personal development -subliminals blue tech waveform

David Gordon:

Subliminal messages can be embedded within music or it’s possible to use nature sounds.

We decided to use a variety of music. That’s because people listen to music often while working or driving or doing different things.

There are six tracks of different kinds of music to choose from on each subliminal download. That lets you get the benefit of the positive subliminal messages no matter what you are doing.

For example, while you are working if you need to focus but want to stay alert, you could listen to the Chill Out music track or the World Fusion music track. If you are feeling stressed out and want to relax you can listen to the Relaxing Music track. If you want to meditate or sleep you could listen to the Ambient Meditation music track.

There is also a guided meditation track on each subliminal download as well. It’s called Alpha Relaxation Programming and the music on that track is chosen to help you become lightly relaxed.

There is an extensive selection of titles you can download in the Subliminal Threshold Response series. Each one download has 6 different music tracks.

You’ll hear a great variety of music on the Subliminal Threshold Affirmations series. And the quality of the music is a significant step up from other self-improvement and meditation audio out there.

That’s because other companies use generic music library music on their meditations and subliminals. We use music from our own albums that have also been released on CDs, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

These albums are all available on sites like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. This is unlike the music library tracks on other companies’ downloads.

personal development -new age music, grove of trees against blue sky

Is all of your own music from David & Steve Gordon you have released featured on the self-development products on Light Of Mind? Can you give some examples of where and why certain music was used in different products?

Steve Gordon:

Yes, most of our own music is used on the Light of Mind personal development audio downloads. Plus we also include calm music from other artists on our Sequoia Records label.

Since we have so much experience in meditation music, we often would choose our own music for backgrounds for guided meditations.

Since we also have released albums of World Fusion music such as Sacred Earth Drums or Drum Medicine, we included those tracks when music with more energy was needed.

And we have released albums of chill out lounge electronica such as Nirvana Groove or Yoga Planet, so we used those tracks for Light of Mind products that use Chill Out music. Some of the products that use electronica like that are the Chill Out music tracks on the Subliminal Threshold Affirmations series.

How did you assemble the team of experts and consultants working on the Light Of Mind web site? How did these experts contribute to the human potential audio programs? Are you constantly updating the different affirmation programs while considering new programs too?

personal development -graphic design image of a circle of dots with

David Gordon:

We assembled our team of experts though our own network of therapists and doctors that we developed over the years. In the first few years of releasing albums of meditation music, we started to become contacted by therapists. They were requesting to license our music for their guided meditations.

When we launched Light of Mind we contacted many of these therapists and found the most exceptional and innovative people.

We decided to work only with those experts that shared our goals of providing people, who are interested in personal development, with tools for transformation. We wanted to people who wanted to do groundbreaking work based on the latest brain-mind research.

When we developed the products for Light of Mind we worked closely with these experts. Our goal was to offer people audio products not found anywhere else.

For example when we first created the, we wanted each program to contain two tracks, one with traditional directional hypnosis and one with non-directional Ericksonian hypnosis.

In traditional hypnosis you are given a series of directions to relax you into a deep state of relaxation, which is the Theta mind state. Once you are fully relaxed, you are given a series of suggestions, affirmations and visualizations to enable you to achieve your goals.

In non-directional Ericksonian hypnosis you are not relaxed as deeply. Instead of relaxing into a deep Theta level state, you are only lightly relaxed into the Alpha state.

Once there you here indirect suggestions which are given in the form of ideas, stories and impressions.

After hearing both kinds of hypnosis we thought that if people could use both kinds it would be very powerful. We wanted people to have one track of each kind for each goal they are working on, it would have an even greater effect.

No one was doing this at the time and we are unaware of anyone doing it today other than our Reflective Self Hypnosis series.

personal development -a light flare in outer space

We worked closed with our two hypnotherapists, Dr. Mathew Cohn and Dr. Mary Fuller, so that each knew what the other one would be doing on each audio session. That way they were able to synchronize their sessions to work together for the greatest positive results.

Our customers have often written us wanting to let us know who much they enjoy both of these kind of hypnosis. They also have written to tell us how they like the sound of their voices.

Dr. Cohn, who does our Theta level directional hypnosis, has a very friendly and comforting voice and I always find it very easy to relax when I listen to him.

Dr. Fuller, who does our Alpha level non-directional hypnosis has a very soft voice. She is very skilled at keeping her voice quiet in a way that helps the non-directive suggestions reach your inner mind.

Over the years we continue to refine and improve our self-development audio series.

We are also currently working on a few new series that will be available in the coming months. Some of them use brainwave music with binaural beats and others use nature sounds to embed subliminal messages. But our nature subliminals will be done using our exclusive vocal coding techniques so they will be the most effective.

Can you explain some of the differences between types of self-hypnosis, meditations and subliminals? Are some of these areas more intensive and can they all work together at the same time and/or on different levels?

personal development -Illustration of lotus with with points of light emerging into the air, learn mind power.

Steve Gordon:

Think of it this way. The purpose of using transformational audio like these is to talk directly to your inner mind. The reason you are not getting the results you want in life is because your subconscious is following different instructions.

You can be thinking that you want to eat healthy and not gain weight. Or to be more self confident so you can make more money but your subconscious is not thinking that way.

Your subconscious might feel safer or feel more loved by being overweight. Your inner mind might have learned it’s better and not to go out into the world where you can be exposed to other people who could cause you harm.

You want to be successful but to your subconscious, being successful can be threatening.

This is just one example; everyone has different internal beliefs that are holding him or her back.

But whatever those negative beliefs are, the purpose of self help programming is to change those limiting ideas to the positive ones that you consciously want.

The personal development product types on the Light of Mind website such as Reflective Self Hypnosis, Subliminal Threshold Affirmations, The Transcendence Experience meditations are each a different way to reach into your subconscious to change those negative beliefs into positive ones.

If you work with more than one product type at a time, your progress is faster because your are using more than one way to speak to your subconscious. That way the positive messages and visualizations take hold in a stronger way.

Also, the different product types allow you to keep bathing your inner mind with the positive beliefs you really want at various times of the day.

For example, you could listen to a meditation before you get out of bed in the morning. Then listen to a Transcendence environment that is a blend of music and audible affirmations, while you eat breakfast or drive to work.

Then you could listen to music with subliminal messages while you are at work. You could take a break at work or when you get home for a guided meditation. Then at bedtime you could listen to a Reflective Self Hypnosis session or a Hypnosis sleep programming track for while you sleep.

personal development -clouds reflected in ripples of water

Of course you don’t need to do this much in order to see progress. You can have success in one area by just listening to one hypnosis or subliminal download.

But since the things we all want in life are so closely related, it can very very powerful to combine different product types and topics together.

If you feel like you want to be more confident, make more money and feel more attractive to the opposite sex for example.

If you work on all those things at the same time they will reinforce each other. And if you listen to more than one product type in those topics you’ll have greater results too.

That’s what David and I do. When I have insomnia, I listen to both the Restful Sleep – Conquer Insomnia hypnosis download, the Sleep Deeply – Stop Insomnia Now subliminal. But I also listen to the meditation on the  because I find it so peaceful and it helps me relax at bedtime.

Which of the David and Steve Gordon albums of New Age meditation music do you think are the most therapeutic and life enhancing in the spirit of your Light Of Mind human potential audio programs? I have been listening a lot to your Reiki Healing Light album, which I listen to during the day as I work. Which of your albums are best to listen to during the day and which are more interactive, especially as you say it’s not advisable to listen to some of the albums while you drive.

personal development -album cover of Reiki Healing Light

David Gordon:

Reiki Healing Light is a very good choice. All of those songs are designed to enhance Reiki healing which is a form of energy healing. Other albums that we recorded for listening to during meditation are: Music for Meditation: Inner Stillness, Oneness and Chakra Balance. I will often listen to these albums myself when I meditate.

When we recorded those albums, we did some meditation in the studio before we started. We then allowed the deep sense of inner peace from our meditation guide us in the playing and recording of the songs.

Some of our other albums that are great for meditation, yoga or relaxation are: Sound Peace, Garden of Serenity, Soothing Sanctuary, and Perfect Balance.

All of our music for meditation could be listened to during the day and you can listen while driving if you like. But don’t every listen to any guided meditations or hypnosis downloads while you drive.

We also have an album of music for sleep called Pillow Music: Natural Deep Sleep.

Tell us about some of the new products coming to Light Of Mind in the future and what areas you’re planning to explore next. You mentioned the Brainwave binaural-beats music, shamanic entrainment music and other apps for meditation, anxiety, sleep and others. Do these products combine spoken word affirmations and music too? What kind of areas and self-help genres will you explore in the future with Light Of Mind?

Steve Gordon:

We have been researching Binaural beats for some time. We waited until we felt we were able to create a series of Brainwave music that would solve some of the problems in the other recordings we have heard.

Brainwave music and binaural beats have become very popular in the last few years. Binaural beats occur when you are listening in headphones to two different tones within 40 Hz difference between them.

When you do that there is a vibration created from the difference between the two tones. Depending on the beat per minute of the tones you can create a sonic rhythm or “binaural beat” at different frequencies.

Those frequencies can range from Delta to Gamma or from sleep to highly alert. They can be used to help you relax, focus, have more energy, reduce stress, meditate or fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

Our new series is designed so that you can get the positive effect of the binaural beats even when you are not listening to headphones. We figured out a way to mix the frequencies to create the binaural beats even when listening on speakers.

personal development -rainbow colored sound waves

We also have solved the problem we have seen in the binaural beats music we have heard. When you listen to the music you can hear the binaural beats tones, and it can detract from the enjoyment of the music. If you mix the tones into the music too low then you lose the positive effects. But if you keep them at a high enough volume, the sound can be distracting and annoying.

We developed a process using advanced sound processing equipment to solve this problem. We actually merge the binaural beats tones with other sounds in the music. This way you don’t hear the pulsations and you can focus on just enjoying the music. But your brain is still hearing and responding to the frequencies in the tones and the different brain states are achieved.

Our first series of Brainwave music will be available soon. This will be the very first time Binaural Beats music will be both effective and enjoyable to listen to.

We will also be releasing a series of Shamanic Entrainment Music. We are known for our Shamanic Drumming music such as Sacred Spirit Drums the Drum Cargo series and Shaman’s Vision Journey. These Shaman beats on these can be used for meditation, healing or to go on a Shamanic journey.

Ancient people would use the steady beats of the Shaman to entrain their minds. This enabled them to enter a shamanic state of consciousness for healing and to see visions. These visions would be a way for them to see solutions to problems or to see the life they wanted to create for themselves and their people.

Our new Shamanic Entrainment music series will combine Shamanic rhythms with binaural beats to enable people to do this for themselves.

There will be albums where the frequencies help you to relax, to meditate, to sleep, to focus and to have more energy. The music and the binaural beats on these albums will work together to entrain your mind. This will create a shamanic state of consciousness for healing and manifesting what you want.

We are also planning a series of audio downloads that will combine our music with audible affirmations. Hearing the affirmations on a conscious level is a powerful way to create massive positive changes in your life.

Many of our customers who use our Subliminal, Hypnosis and Transcendence Experience audio downloads have asked for this. By using these audible affirmations along with the other forms of affirmations such as Subliminals, you can get even more positive conditioning.

The results are even more dramatic.

To find out when these new series are available, go to the Light of Mind home page and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

personal development a woman sitting cross legged listening to headphone on grass with a body of water behind her and cloudsWe offer people two free product downloads when they join. These are both full length products and they can download them right away.

Don’t worry about spam. We never sell names to anyone else. And each email we send out has an unsubscribe link if anyone wants it.

But we get very few unsubscribes. Our articles are carefully researched and contain the very latest discoveries in brain mind self help technologies. And you also get discounts only available when you subscribe.

What are the most exciting new concepts in the self-development field and New Age world and what music projects are you planning into 2017 and beyond? What are your hopes and dreams for both the Light Of Mind website and the next musical releases of Sequoia Records?

David Gordon:

The latest research on transformational audio techniques like subliminal messaging, hypnosis and affirmations has really inspired us to use these new discoveries to help people achieve total freedom and happiness.

You can learn more about these new discoveries in articles like this on our Ideal Reality Blog:

The Surprising Impact of Subliminal Messages

Positive Affirmations – The Secret to Getting Life Changing Results

Visualization Techniques – Effortless Relaxation, Meditation & Success

7 Benefits of Meditation: The Science of How it Helps You

It’s our wish that the new music releases and transformational audio series we have planned will give people powerful new tools on personal development that they can use to manifest their ideal reality.

By re-programming the inner mind with empowering beliefs, connecting to your calm center within and visualizing success you can actually create your ideal reality. With a little help from Light of Mind audio technologies, it doesn’t have to be a struggle and it can happen faster than you think!

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